Return to Goalkeeping

I’m a field hockey player. I used to play in goals at a high level. After the 2006 season I retired to play down the grades on the field. First season went well with no injuries, but this season snapped right achilles in the second games.

I’m now thinking about returning to goalkeeping as it will involve less running and hopefully lower the chance of a repeat injury. Hardest hurdle will be getting the calf strenght backup. ‘keeping doesn’t involve as much running but more short sharp running and up on the balls of the feet.


Where to start……guess the injury is a good start.

I’m a 33yo old hockey player (field no ice) in Hobart, Australia. On the 13 April this year I was playing in the second match of the season. I was running backwards tackling a player for the ball. Put might right foot down to stop and take off when BANG!!! Went down in a heap. The umpire who was next to me asked “What was that?”, my reply through gritted teeth was “Think that was my leg”.

Went to hospital that night. A surgeon was on duty so was put straight under the knife for a repair. I then spent 3 weeks in a cast with the toes pointed and then 3 weeks in a cast with a shoe. 

After removal of cast’s I started the long recovery back. I ride every day to work now (about 20Km’s total) and do daily exercises.

I’ve recently been asked to play in a summer hockey side starting in October. Not sure if I’m ready or  not too. When do others start sports again?