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December 29th, 2008 | Uncategorized |

Yeah, I know. . .it’s been a while. I noticed a funny thing. The more mobility I have, the less I sit at my computer.


I have decided to forgo PT (loud gasp!) I don’t have the time or the money ($60 a session, twice a week?!?) and my Dr. wasn’t really jazzed about it either. He said about 50% of his patients don’t go.


As far as progress goes I have determined that my tendon has healed a lot quicker than my mind has. Sometimes when I’m not paying attention I find myself putting more weight on my foot, or twisting it at an odd angle or going down steps “bad foot first” without realizing it. I’m still not up for pushing trucks yet, but I think I’m just “babying” it in my mind. I certainly don’t want a re-rupture though.


Physically the incision site is healing up nicely. My scar is turning a dark brown and is not raised at all. I still have some scabbing right in the center of it that itches every so often. The tendon itself just feels “tight.” The swelling around the tendon is about half of what it was a few weeks ago and I can lace my sneakers up a bit tighter now. I do some mild stretching and still apply heat packs to it in the morning as soon as I get to work. I ride my motorcycle to work and my ankle is pretty stiff from the cold when I get in!


I have been taking my dog for short walks in the evening. I can go about a mile before things start to hurt and the limp gets really bad (besides, my dog is fat and that’s about as far as she can go!) The next morning I have a bit of heel pain if I over-exert myself.


Hope everyone had a great Christmas and you all have a prosperous New Year!

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