First off. . .WOW! 12 “Hello World” posts in a day. Were there really 12 ATR’s over the weekend? That sucks. This is a club I’d like to see remain a small one.
Now for the fun stuff. I rode my motorcycle today. It was awesome! The shifting was a bit rough and my balance was a bit off, but I rode. I only went around the block a few times, early in the morning but it was great! I’m still not well enough to ride on the streets though. I’m not ready for full riding, I have to think about my shifting foot too much and if I needed my left foot in an emergency I would be in a really bad spot.
Now for the recommendation. The soles of my feet have been killing me. I mean sore almost to the point of crying. I bought a HoMedics Shiatsu Massager.

It was $50 at Bed, Bath and Beyond. OMG this thing is awesome. 10 minutes and my feet feel great. I’m taking it to work with me.
I know it doesn’t take the place of a professional, but in a pinch it works really well.

2 Responses to “Wow! And a Recommedation. . .”

  1. Are you able to walk without crutches?

  2. Hello Dwhit,
    Yes, I’ve been off the crutches for about 2 weeks now. I’m glad to be rid of them. I just have to walk r e a l l y slow, which is a pain. This whole injury has really slowed me down. I used to be one of those “fast walking” types but now I have to really concentrate on my walking. I can pretty much go a whole day now walking around, but around 6pm. . .my dogs are tired!

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