The muscles in my arch and around my ankle were really sore today so I put some IcyHot on it.  Not a good idea.

2 Responses to “It sounded like a good idea. . .”

  1. What did that feel like? I’ve thought about it! I think I like your idea of the foot massager better!

  2. Hi GW,
    It burned. Not literaly, but the feeling was like my foot and ankle were on fire for like, 3 hours. I couldn’t wash it off either.
    The foot massager is great. The soles and heels of my feet get very sore. 10 minutes on the massager and they are good to go for the rest of the day. I’ve propped it up on a chair and laid my calf accross it and that works good too. I’ve even held it up very very lightly to the tendon itself and it feels great. I would highly recommend the model I have.
    I have tried riding my motorcycle twice now and I have noticed I can feel the vibration of the engine through the footpeg on my left foot (I don’t feel it on the right) and it actually makes the tendon feel better after a few minutes of riding, although I don’t know if thats a good thing or not.

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