Leg Cramps?

November 11th, 2008 | Uncategorized |

I was walking in the boot today (I can go about a 1/2 day without crutches!) and got a massive leg cramp in my calf (the bad one)


Is this normal?


I hope so. . .

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  1. sgtmo - I had some leg cramps when I was in the cast. This seems to happen more often after the surgery. If you search for “cramps” you’ll see lots of people mentioning it.

    Here’s some info about dealing with cramps:

  2. Thanks Dennis, I was freaking out there for a minute!

    Actually I was having bad leg cramps before my ATR and was afraid this was a bad sign. For some reason I stopped taking my potassium pills, and after the surgery the cramps went away but it seems now they are back with a vengance.

    Off to go shopping for some items on that list!

  3. sgtmo: I had those real bad. I called my ortho and he said that it happens in about 1/3 of the cases he sees. He prescribed a mild muscle relaxant and it took care of them until they went away. I stopped having them at about 5 weeks post-op.

  4. I would call your Doc to rule out a blood clot since calf pain is a symptom of a DVT. I developed a DVT/PE during the 2nd week of recovery and the only reason it was found was because I mentioned a mild leg cramp - very mild to my doc and he insisted I get another ultrasound. I thought he was nuts!!!

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