One year since ATR

So today is the one-year anniversary of my Achilles tendon rupture. I did it snowboarding on March 8th and was back on my snowboard on December 25th on black diamond runs in Utah. I feel like I was 99% recovered at about 7 months (even with an ongoing infection scare) and I feel like I’m 110% now (my “affected” right calf is slightly smaller than my other one, see photos, but I think it’s just as strong). Although my Achilles gets sore, especially after lots of activity, I am even more active than I was before, doing more high impact activities and more cross-training (road biking, mountain biking, snowboarding, hiking, jump rope, running, spinning, yoga, rowing machine, stair climber, etc). I even started playing ice hockey for the first time last week (so much fun!). I am very proud of my progress. Recovering from the repair was an amazing challenge for me and I gave it all I had. I started doing the rowing machine with one leg within a week of surgery and did my rehab religiously. My advice to others is to try to be as active as possible as soon as possible and push your ortho and physical therapist to be relatively aggressive with your rehab and recovery.


3 Responses to “One year since ATR”

  1. Way to go!!

    I hope to have my level of activity back someday.
    You’ve shown us through the pictures that it is possible.
    Thanks for sharing.
    Good Luck to you.

  2. Happy Anniversary.

    The one year mark is quite a milestone. Congratulations!

  3. Sounds great, S! Don’t stop!! Hope to see you on the slopes, too. (You’re not going to be in Whistler the week of April 11, by any chance?)

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