Boot 24/7???

I was put into a boot at 2 weeks post op and for some reason I figured it was just for protection. When I was home, I barely wore it since I was just pretty much sitting around with my leg up and when I went to the dr. At 3 weeks, my husband told [...]

3 weeks post op achilles avulsion

So 3 weeks post Surgery for rerupture left achilles which tore the tendon from the bone, during tennis.
At 2 weeks my OS removed my splint, sutures, pics included if I can figure out how, and put me in a. Boot telling me to start flexing my foot. I was surprised as with my first surgery [...]

Tennis junkie

So my story starts in Oct. 1999. In the middle of a tennis match against an undefeated team, a set and a break under our belt on a way to a win with my partner Lori when POW POP, I went down and said I did something Bad….. People cam running from 2 courts down, [...]