Boot 24/7???

I was put into a boot at 2 weeks post op and for some reason I figured it was just for protection. When I was home, I barely wore it since I was just pretty much sitting around with my leg up and when I went to the dr. At 3 weeks, my husband told on me…. Well dr. told me if I didn’t wear it he was gonna put me in a cast.

So, I have been better, but when I am sitting around in the house I take it off some of the time because I have some sural nerve activity going on and it really irritates and burns to keep it on. The negative of that is when I want to get up to go to the kitchen or bathroom, I am ┬ásometimes lazy and don’t put it on and grab the crutches or I even sometimes hop instead if I am close.

Now, after reading a few posts this morning about those of you who are in boots with heel lifts etc, it all of the sudden hit me that maybe it isn’t just for protection?! I really don’t want to hamper my healing, so I was wondering if anyone knows if a big part of the reason to keep this on is for healing and position? I know I should have asked the Dr, but I don’t have a visit for 2 more weeks so I figured some of you guys might have some insight into this…. Also, just for the record, I didn’t have a rupture this time, I had an avulsion so they screwed my achilles back to the bone…. Thanks in advance for any advice/input on this!

Happy Healing :)

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  1. I think #1 the boot is for protection. I think most people here have an “accidental foot plant” story in which a crutch slips, or catches on a rug, etc and the op foot accidentally hits the floor. In the boot, it is protected from a sudden dorsiflexion force if that should happen. I know I had many close calls on crutches. I think secondly, the compression of the boot helps to reduce swelling. Please be careful! I would hop, too, but I wore my boot.

  2. Hi 2nd. I shuddered while reading your post. Exactly one year ago TODAY I had my 1st surgery for a complete ruptore on the left achilles. On Friday the 22nd, the surgical splint came off and the Dr. said “Wear the boot”. Which I did - except for when sleeping, and laying on the sofe / recliner, and (I’ll admit) crutching to the bathroom to pee. Exactly 10 days later, I got up in the middle of the night to head to the bathroom and DIDN’T PUT THE BOOT ON. I lost my balance on the crutches, stumbles, stepped back on the left foot. Felt and HEARD the tear. Exactly 3 weeks later on March 7th, I was back in the surgical suite - this time ended up with a graft wrapped around the tendon. When THAT splint came off, I went into a cast for 6 weeks.


  3. OMG Jack…. I hurt for you just reading that, I am so sorry and I think you have cured me! I am laying in bed and just took the boot off for the evening and was watching the Olympics… have never slept in it, but I truly might try tonight. You are right it is not worth it! This is the second time on the one leg and I never want to go through it again, so why am I being careless?! You probably just helped more people than just me!! Thanks!!

  4. Wear the cast, I am tempted to cut corners to…but I am not going back to the beginning of this program on a slip or loss of balance. The other thing some people are doing is limiting fluid intake late in the day to avoid the mid night trip! having said that part of good healing does involve adequate fluid intake. All this to say, wear the cast and drink fluids to promote healing.

  5. All I can say is…an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.

    Wear the boot until 4 weeks while sitting, and wait until 6 weeks to take it off when you sleep.

    Reattaching an Achilles to a heel bone can produce twice the problems, and if you to avoid a rupture or future gait problems, I would be conservative - at least for the first 8 weeks or so. By then, you should be starting PWB, anyway - IF, you don’t cause more damage in the interim.

    I also suggest checking out modern protocols, like the one that Norm suggests often, and sharing that with your Doc so you can both be on the same page. This is serious business and not following protocol could end in disaster.

    Good luck, and please slow down. :-)

  6. Hey 2nd Time, it’s a week later now, hope your listening to everyone about wearing that boot. It’s a Pain In the A** but its well worth it. I took mine off once when I wanted to lift weights in the basement. No big deal. My daughter was running on the treadmill and fell off. I immediately tried to take that reactionary step to get her and fell flat on my face. Everyone on hear always says something about slowing down. Heed their advise. Its that important.
    Take er easy!

  7. Thanks everyone for the input! I have been much better and I am using a walker at night since I still can’t seem to sleep with the boot on…. I am 5 weeks in now and I feel like I am finally turning a corner as far as healing wise. I know there is a long road…. Trying to be patient. Gonna update my blog since it’s been a while :) hope everyone else is heeding every e’s advice, I learn so much from this blog, it is awesome to have others to talk with during this recover/healing process :)

  8. Day 16 Post Op
    Still doing ROM exercises twice a day. FWB walking around in the boot with no discomfort at all. My ROM has improved dramatically since my first post op appt.
    I started to incorporate elastic band exercises in my PT but still not doing much DF exercises. The guidlines really caution on not doing DF past neutral until 6 weeks even in aggressive rehab.
    Incision site is looking good but still not getting it wet for another week.
    Gonna sleep without the boot tonight!

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