3 weeks post op achilles avulsion

So 3 weeks post Surgery for rerupture left achilles which tore the tendon from the bone, during tennis.

At 2 weeks my OS removed my splint, sutures, pics included if I can figure out how, and put me in a. Boot telling me to start flexing my foot. I was surprised as with my first surgery I was in casts and NWB for 8 weeks. He said it was to reduce the scar tissue, which I had a lot of from the first surgery and he felt that had contributed to this injury. I asked him  how often and could I do it too much, which he said now. So I started as soon as I got home. My foot was pretty swollen, but in two days my swelling on top of my foot started going down and my movement, flexing, was getting better and I was almost at 90 degrees. I was excited, but then noticed, the wound did not look very good. I called the dr. And he had me come in to check it. He put steri strips back on and mad me stop my flexing.

today is 3 weeks post op and I went in for another check and now I am back to wearing the boot all the time, NWB and no flexing. I am to go back in 2 weeks.

I see others on here who are full weight bearing and walking at 7 weeks, so now I feel like I am behind. I am not sure if it is because of the type of surgery that I had, 2 screws reattaching the tendon to bone, but it is weird to me that he was in the beginning  he seemed to be pro movement and now none.

I guess since I don’t know any better I will just be a good patient and do what he says….

Good news!! I finally get in a shower and don’t have to sit in a tub with my leg n the side :) that is going to feel so good!!

I hope all of the rest of you out there are continuing to recover, rehab and keep taking a day at time!! I was telling someone today…. Someday soon I will look back on this and it will be but a blip in life.


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