Boot 24/7???

I was put into a boot at 2 weeks post op and for some reason I figured it was just for protection. When I was home, I barely wore it since I was just pretty much sitting around with my leg up and when I went to the dr. At 3 weeks, my husband told on me…. Well dr. told me if I didn’t wear it he was gonna put me in a cast.

So, I have been better, but when I am sitting around in the house I take it off some of the time because I have some sural nerve activity going on and it really irritates and burns to keep it on. The negative of that is when I want to get up to go to the kitchen or bathroom, I am  sometimes lazy and don’t put it on and grab the crutches or I even sometimes hop instead if I am close.

Now, after reading a few posts this morning about those of you who are in boots with heel lifts etc, it all of the sudden hit me that maybe it isn’t just for protection?! I really don’t want to hamper my healing, so I was wondering if anyone knows if a big part of the reason to keep this on is for healing and position? I know I should have asked the Dr, but I don’t have a visit for 2 more weeks so I figured some of you guys might have some insight into this…. Also, just for the record, I didn’t have a rupture this time, I had an avulsion so they screwed my achilles back to the bone…. Thanks in advance for any advice/input on this!

Happy Healing :)

3 weeks post op achilles avulsion

So 3 weeks post Surgery for rerupture left achilles which tore the tendon from the bone, during tennis.

At 2 weeks my OS removed my splint, sutures, pics included if I can figure out how, and put me in a. Boot telling me to start flexing my foot. I was surprised as with my first surgery I was in casts and NWB for 8 weeks. He said it was to reduce the scar tissue, which I had a lot of from the first surgery and he felt that had contributed to this injury. I asked him  how often and could I do it too much, which he said now. So I started as soon as I got home. My foot was pretty swollen, but in two days my swelling on top of my foot started going down and my movement, flexing, was getting better and I was almost at 90 degrees. I was excited, but then noticed, the wound did not look very good. I called the dr. And he had me come in to check it. He put steri strips back on and mad me stop my flexing.

today is 3 weeks post op and I went in for another check and now I am back to wearing the boot all the time, NWB and no flexing. I am to go back in 2 weeks.

I see others on here who are full weight bearing and walking at 7 weeks, so now I feel like I am behind. I am not sure if it is because of the type of surgery that I had, 2 screws reattaching the tendon to bone, but it is weird to me that he was in the beginning  he seemed to be pro movement and now none.

I guess since I don’t know any better I will just be a good patient and do what he says….

Good news!! I finally get in a shower and don’t have to sit in a tub with my leg n the side :) that is going to feel so good!!

I hope all of the rest of you out there are continuing to recover, rehab and keep taking a day at time!! I was telling someone today…. Someday soon I will look back on this and it will be but a blip in life.


Tennis junkie

So my story starts in Oct. 1999. In the middle of a tennis match against an undefeated team, a set and a break under our belt on a way to a win with my partner Lori when POW POP, I went down and said I did something Bad….. People cam running from 2 courts down, everyone heard it. I LOVE tennis and am very competitive so I was so determined to get back on the court, so I had surgery, didn’t know I had an option norm :), then at that time it was 8 weeks non weight bearing then rehab rehab and was back on the courts playing competitive A 1 tennis in 4 1/2 months. I was so happy and proud of myself. I wore a lace up brace/support for a year or more. My left achilles was really thick and I was told it was a lot of scar tissue built up on my achilles but didn’t think much about it. I continued to run and play league tennis for years, giving up the finning due to back issues but continued my tennis for the next 13 years…. Now we are up to a beautiful Monday Morning Jan 20, 2014. My partner and I have just finished winning our first set and I hit a forehand and push off with left foot And again, POW POP….. This time I knew what had happened. I went down, pounded the clay and yelled NOT AGAIN!!! You ALL know what I mean…. Having done this before I knew what had happened…..

Fast forward an hour and I am sitting in the OS office. A PA came in and and took one look at my foot and said, I’m getting the dr….. He cut off my bloody sock to find a 1″ gap to the bone as my heel split wide open from heel bone  to heel bone. The OS said he’d never seen a rupture like that and sent me to the hospital across the street and said he would be over to do surgery after he finished his work day. I can say now having read all of these posts that I wish that I had taken some time to educate myself, but having the open wound I felt like I had to get it taken care of right away…. I guess hindsight is 20/20.

So after surgery he told my husband that I had pulled the Achilles off the bone and he had reattached it with 2 screws.

He said I would spend the night in the hospital and leave in the morning. I ended up getting so sick from the meds they gave me I was in the hospital 2 more days…. AWFUL experience….. Sure wish I had asked why I couldn’t day surgery as I did the first time…. Again, hindsight 20/20…

Well, I have never done this before and I am writing my blog to hopefully help someone else from making some mistakes I have made and to continue to get some support and help from this unique community :) I have already learned so much and it really does help to talk to those who understand what we are going through!! I wish I had this the first time around!!

BTW my OS has told this Tennis Junkie of the last 20 years, that “I would be crazy to ever play again” …… Any thoughts or input on that from my new friends??