Four Week Anniversary

Wow, four weeks ago today…

I can’t believe how much my calf muscle has shrunk :-(

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  1. kellygirl on August 3rd, 2013

    Lol! Ya, welcome to that club too. Club chicken leg. I’ve read that it takes twice as long as it was immobilized to get back your strength but I think that might be a little optimistic. Just my 2 cents from 13 weeks.

  2. ATRbuff on August 3rd, 2013

    By about now you should be able to use theraband, gently to start with and increasing over next couple of weeks. Check with your physio. Or are you still in plaster?

  3. seaweed on August 3rd, 2013

    Hmm was trying to post a picture, can’t seem to figure that out…no theraband yet, doing seated calf raises now, will see what physio brings this week :-)

  4. kellygirl on August 3rd, 2013

    Check my post titled “For Bam Bam: how to post a picture.” It might help.

  5. ATRbuff on August 3rd, 2013

    Seated calf raises good, theraband versatile. Gently rolling a tennis ball up and down calf helps too - no need for pricy rollers etc. My calf had wasted a fair amount too and this all helped, as did getting a range of movement in my boot - only 15 degrees worth but started to get some flexibility back in my ankle. Better still I hardly had to use even one crutch from that stage. Once I became so mobile I felt better physically and mentally.

  6. lodinpdx on August 3rd, 2013

    Oh yes I had a chicken leg with not an ounce of meat on it. My kids laughed at it - I kinda cried. I’m at 10 weeks and have a hint of a something going on with my calf. Kellygirl’s got some beautiful calf muscles so I know there is hope.

    As for posting pictures you are not alone in your confusion! I more or less followed kellygirls but still had a hard time with the getting of the address of the picture. I had to be in the library and click show and then still click on the picture. Not sure that makes any sense and I am sure there is an easier way! :)
    Good luck!

  7. normofthenorth on August 3rd, 2013

    Calf muscle atrophy happens amazingly quickly, and rebuilding it seems to take forever — I think much longer than 2x the length of immobilization. It’s logical that those of us who had faster rehab (shorter NWB periods) would get it back faster, but even that isn’t obviously true from the stories I’ve read here. But going at least as fast as still makes sense for many other reasons, and it PROBABLY also hastens the return of calf strength and mass.

    That protocol has you “FWB As Tolerated” at 4 weeks. Are you cleared for that, and still increasing your tolerance, or are you being directed to go slower?

  8. snapsnap2718 on August 4th, 2013

    Four weeks since second snap tomorrow.

    Snapped left AT Nov 2008 playing netball and right AT 8th July 2013 playing rounders( Macho sports!).

    Very depressing after initial look round to see what/who has just whacked the back of my ankle to sudden realisation: oh no I’ve done it again, my summer’s ruined( 2 days from 6 week break), I won’t be able to swim with my son, my wife will kill me ,…

    I’m 4 week post op at Fracture Clinic 08/08/2013, where hopefully I’ll go to 0-45 degrees on ROM boot and FWB. Most of all I hope my worst fears won’t be true which would be snapsnapsnap!

    I’ve just taken off my boot and tried a Thomson test which seemed to be OK, but I tripped and stomped hard on ball of right boot this morning, so I’m a bit worried. My right calf has shrunk some, but perhaps I’m less athletic with skinnier calf muscles to start with.

    Physio is not due to start until 8 weeks post op which seems late to me. I wonder if I should push the consultant on Theraband etc on Thursday.

    I had a very long period of NWB and using ROM boot last time- off work Nov-Feb. I’m very keen for things to proceed more quickly this time!!!

  9. seaweed on August 4th, 2013

    Thanks for the info Kellygirl, finally got that pic to attach. Your calf photos give me hope that it may one day come back.

    Norm I can pretty much walk FWB at this point, my physio protocol is only calling for 75%, I am kind of hybridizing the two protocols. I have the boot set at 15-30 PF as per the Vaco protocol.

    snapsnap…wow, you and norm are true pillars for dealing with a second rupture…this is a torturous process, LOL!

  10. normofthenorth on August 4th, 2013

    Seaweed, there have been a bunch of folks filing through here over the past ~3 years who have torn both ATs, as well as too many who have reruptured the same one. I’ve even seen two people here who tore both ATRs at the SAME TIME! Along with the people (mostly kids) who get AT-lengthening surgery on both legs at the same time, they only WISH they could complain about crutches like the rest of us! Instead, they’re stuck in a wheelchair. . .

    There’s a study link on this site’s Studies and Protocols page, indicating that the risk of tearing your other AT within the first few years of your first ATR is around 200 TIMES (not %) higher than the general-population “background” risk. And judging by the people who’ve done the other side 5 or 8 or 11. . . years after the first, the risk seems to stay elevated for a long time, maybe forever. Avoiding the high-stress, high-risk activities that claimed most of our ATs (including both of mine) probably drops the risk somewhat, but Heck, THAT’s no fun. . . :-)
    Besides, with a way faster rehab protocol and no surgery, painkillers, moaning, groaning, or time off work, my second rehab was a real breeze compared with the first. I was also aware during most of my second rehab that I’d be going in for a heart-valve replacement fairly soon — and there’s NO non-op substitute for THAT — which was a serious distraction! (As it turned out, the open-heart surgery was much less painful than my ATR #1 open repair! Only one of many reasons why I think ATR patients should seriously consider going with a fast and well-proven non-op cure!)

  11. superjewgrl on August 5th, 2013

    Nice legs Seaweed! I’m really happy your living my dream. In my opinion, you are a shining example of empowered healthcare.

    Although, I’m not sure if you had a choice, if you would’ve opted for non-op, but you’ve just made lemonade out of your situation.

    Your first blog post was a hoot. I was just telling someone that surgery is more prevalent in the US than anywhere else and they looked at me like I was nuts.

    Happy Healing, keep us posted. xx

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