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Day 13 post op , day 24 post injury……

June 11th, 2008 by screwdriver

My wife and kid with me to the MD office for the first appointment after surgery - 2 weeks. I had a plaster splinth on my left leg with my toe pointing dow for two weeks so it came off - what a strange feeling . skinny leg - cant even look at first.
They sent me to X-ray to which im puzzled about / why an x-ray? maybe for more income i guess.
after which the doctor saw me - incisions look good . they sent me to the cast guy and he did put a short leg cast which goes below the knees.he had to stretch it a bit coz the doctor ordered 5 degrees of toes pointed down- compared to about 20-25 before. I had to grab something and had to cuss when he stretched it .I am still NWB at this point - cast for 4 weeks before i go to the boot and PT.
I brought the boot with me today in the md office and the doctor said to me - ” nice try but we are going for the cast” .
No matter how hard i try to comprehend that it takes patience for the healing - i always go i these spurts where i feel i could not take it - but then i rebound and able to accept it later on . Oh well - 4 weeks i hope goes fast.

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6 days post op

June 4th, 2008 by screwdriver

Pain is a lot better , the last 24 hours i only had to take 1 advil 200 mg. It is still tough being up as the leg turns blue and it swells up. i had a bad time yesterday as my internet router went out - can you guys imagine being home with ATR and no internet ? i went out to go to circuit city and i thought it was gonna be easy . after 10 minutes in the store - i was getting really tired and a bit lightheaded . i had to scramble to the restroom as thats the only place with a seat. stayed there for 10 minutes holding my leg up( black and blue). after i recovered i scrambled for the parking lot and went home ( but i got the router) . i told myself im not going to put myself in that situation again.
Dr’s office called and i have an appointment june 11, exactly 2 weeks after surgery - cant wait but its a 2 hour drive .
i have been exercising a bit my upper body , unaffected muscles on the ATR leg and my core.

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