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day 11 , finally surgery ……….

May 29th, 2008 by screwdriver

to update you guys - i had my injury may 18,2008 , first doctor appt may 21 2008, second opinion may 28,2008.
Today i had the surgery at 3pm , im now home (10:00pm). Im had general anesthesia and a nerve block . I had open surgery .I have a cast right now and in my bed with my leg elevated . i have 80 tablets of percocet waiting to be consumed. my leg is numb and i cant feel anything - difficult to walk with crutches a it screws up my balance having a numb and weak leg. i have been urinating like every 10 minutes at this time ( they might have loaded me up on fluids during the surgery).
anything you guys can think of that might help me after surgery ?

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