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Hello world!

May 24th, 2008 by screwdriver

Hi guys . Im new and i find this site really helpful. Im 38 yo male who id say is active 3-4x a week doing road cycling , basketball running ,and tennis. I injured my left achilles may 18,2008 in a basketball game . I really thought went i went up to jump that someone stepped at the back of my left shoe and prevented me from jumping ,there was a loud pop that almost eveyone heard, then a sharp pain did set in from my ankle going up.I knew it was not a typical ankle sprain injury , i now after a few minutes that my achilles tendon is screwed up.
i went home and did not really go to the ER. For the next 48-72 hours i did RICE .It was not painful . I was not able to see a doctor til may 21 2008 and they took an MRI.the ortho doctor said he thinks it will heal comparably with a surgical approach as there are still fibers intact .The thompson test is positive but im able to move my L ankle to point it down with gravity resisting it.
Im not too optimistic as the MRI reports almost complete tear and stats most of the time points to surgery for younger active individuals. The doctor put me in a long leg cast with my knee in 45 degrees flexio and ankle in 25 degree plantarflexion. This cast is torture and i a bit claustrophobic and it still drives me crazy.
at this point i called my insurance to allow me to go for a 2nd opinion and i have an appt for may 28,2008 with a specialist .
im at home at this time and whats bugging me is the depression , the transision from active to inactive . A lot of tigs that require a lot of time to do or cant do at all independently.Trying to accept i will out of work for a long time.
Im banking on this specialist and will probably heed his advice .
I just wanna know ore info how you guys decided on anaesthesia , and if you guys had the surgery as an outpatient or inpatient procedure.

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