Week 2

At week 1, doc kept stitches in because first post op appt was 6 days after surgery and he wanted stitches to stay in longer. There is no down side to keeping stitches longer but there is if they are removed too soon. So they took them out week 2.  Applied steristrips to scar after removal of stitches to ensure better healing.  I was given the boot with 2 heal lifts at week 1 and told no WB at all.  Two weeks after surgery also had my first PT. The only exercise involving my foot was hanging them over a table and getting my foot up to neutral and let it go back down, 3 sets of 20, 3X/day. Other exercises are for strengthening other muscles so that when walking begins, the weakened injured leg does not get overwhelmed and this also prevents limping.  Getting around with crutches and knee walker.  Swelling going down.

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  1. Best to you on the journey ahead! Good to hear the swelling is going down. The first weeks were definitely the hardest for me. It helps if you put the ATR timeline on your blog so we can easily tell where you are in your progress. Continued healing to you!

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