July 13, 2014 Misdiagnosed

Ruptured my right AT playing basketball.  Tried to be Lebron and ended up like Kobe!  Happened on Sunday 7/13 so went to urgent care.  The doc diagnosed me with a strained AT.  She gave me a small walking boot and I went on a weeklong business trip to the west coast.  I flew on planes, rented a car, held meetings and even bowled!  I now know that driving with a walking boot is DWi worthy…  It was hard to press the gas, not only with the boot, but with what turned out to be a completely torn AT.  No wonder… Anyhow, I get back home on Friday night and again, the weekend.  Since my leg was not getting better, I YouTubed and self diagnosed an ATR with the Thomson Test, something the urgent care doc did not even do.  This time I found an ortho urgent care and they confirmed the ATR.  (Tried to attach photo but not sure how this works yet).

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  1. brutal. I’m going on 4 weeks post-op..the first week or so will be pretty depressing and stuff, but it’ll get better. If I can recommend anything-ELEVATE and either buy or rent a “knee scooter”-it really has come in handy.

  2. Ouch! Hope you get on better now . Are you going for op or none operative route? I second the elevation advice from lance310.good luck with the recovery. Keep us posted.

  3. The section of this site about ER visits with ATRs is filled with misdiagnoses and Docs who don’t bother with the Thomson test. Somebody should get sued!
    Check out Wallace’s new way of assessing and treating ATRs non-op - including misdiagnosed “stale” ATRs! - at /Cecilia/protocols. Its very fast, pain-free, scar-free, 2.7% rerupture rate (lower than many surgical trials), and 100% return to sport! See if you can educate a local OS to follow that approach! (Probably NOT the Doc who misdiagnosed you, though almost all of us can learn new tricks…)
    If you can’t get that smart new approach, surgery is the only other well-documented cure for a month-old ATR.

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