Week 2

At week 1, doc kept stitches in because first post op appt was 6 days after surgery and he wanted stitches to stay in longer. There is no down side to keeping stitches longer but there is if they are removed too soon. So they took them out week 2.  Applied steristrips to scar after [...]

Week 1

Had surgery on 7/24. Was put in a splint for a week.  Asked doctor a lot of questions after doing some research, e.g. what type of suture materials and sewing method/knots.  He explained it all and the message I got was that he used heavy duty method to ensure repair was solid.  I even [...]

July 13, 2014 Misdiagnosed

Ruptured my right AT playing basketball.  Tried to be Lebron and ended up like Kobe!  Happened on Sunday 7/13 so went to urgent care.  The doc diagnosed me with a strained AT.  She gave me a small walking boot and I went on a weeklong business trip to the west coast.  I flew on planes, rented [...]

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