Single leg toe raise

I’ve been pretty busy with all sorts of things and subsequently haven’t been updating my blog as well as I’d like. This site has been so informative, so educational and so motivational I wanted to post about a major milestone in my recovery: the single legged toe raise.
The last time I saw the dr it was my 3 month follow up. He was happy with my progress but advised not to try the toe raise since I wouldn’t be able to do it and would just get frustrated. Well 2 weeks after I saw him I tried it. Turns out he was right lol. I did what others have done, up on 2, down on one. Well yesterday was the magical day. 135 days after my surgery I can finally do it! Woo hoo! For some reason I can only do it without shoes or sneakers on but I don’t care! I still have a ways to go with pt, and getting my strength and flexibility back but I was so excited about it I wanted to share!

3 Responses to “Single leg toe raise”

  1. Good news Scott and lets hope you continue to get stronger from here. This is a good post for others who are struggling in a similar way.

  2. Big milestone. Keep working on adding reps and height. You’re pretty much in the zone where you’ll start seeing big changes. Good luck.

  3. Thanks for the encouragement. I’m going to keep pushing to get back to normal.

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