Vaco boot question

Following the Drs protocol after surgery. Just went down to 0 degrees and a flat wedge on the boot on Friday. Anyone else have discomfort in the heel area at this adjustment? When I went from 30 to 15 keeping the 15 wedge there was a slight pulling in the Achilles area that went away after a few days. This adjustment doesn’t bother me in that area, but on the sides on my heal. Not on the bottom. It seems to be getting slightly better with each passing day but I was wondering if others have had a similar experience


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  1. Hey Scott, just read your story and can tell you that I have had the same, almost pins and needles sensations, aching in the heel when I have done too much on it and so on. I am in the UK, 12 weeks post ATR tomorrow and non-op, was doing fine (in shoes from week 9 and no crutches from week 10) till today when I had a real painful twang coming up from kneeling and I am really scared I have re-ruptured. Back to hospital tomorrow to find out, yikes. As to boot adjustments, each time I made them, I would feel it pull and put it back to the previous setting after half a day, and then could tolerate it from the next day on. Each time there is a step forward in progress, it took me a few days to adjust, and weird, not painful but aching or stabbing sensations were a part of that. But then I got used to it and my progress moved on again.

    Hoping against hope that this twang today is just that, and not a tear. Fingers crossed I guess, boot is back on and rolling on the rocker sole and crutches once more…
    Good luck!

  2. Couchy - I thought I would respond here instead of logging in on the UK page. While it is possible you have re-injured your tendon it may also have been scar tissue breaking free but you need to have it seen by a doctor. If it was scar tissue then you would have a bit of pain but your strength and movement would be the same as before. Your precautions are wise in the interim.

  3. Oh thank you Stuart, that’s really helpful and much appreciated. I am at the hospital tmrw morning anyway for Physio so can see a doctor in a and e. Thanks!

  4. Thanks for the confirmation. Today the pain didn’t last as long as the previous 2 days. Thankfully. I’m trying to rest it a bit more today. I hope you didn’t re-injure yours. Please keep us posted!

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