Week 9: Paranoia questions

Tomorrow is 9 weeks since my ATR surgery. I’m making good progress according to my Dr. and PT, but I have this overwhelming sense of paranoia in connection with this whole ordeal.
I find myself constantly “checking” my Achilles to make sure its still attached. Every time I feel something different either with my [...]


Was supposed to go into the Dansko clog today but I waited until I got home from work. Wow, it’s so weird to be walking. My knee is sore from walking with the boot and no crutches and I’m a little wobbly but I’m not in any pain. The boot going down to 0 degrees [...]

Vaco boot question

Following the Drs protocol after surgery. Just went down to 0 degrees and a flat wedge on the boot on Friday. Anyone else have discomfort in the heel area at this adjustment? When I went from 30 to 15 keeping the 15 wedge there was a slight pulling in the Achilles area that went [...]

scott armstrong

May 12, 2016, had my first physical therapy session. pretty scary, which is what I expected, but its the first step in my road back to normalcy, so one day at a time. My VACO boot has now been adjusted to 0° with the flat wedge on the bottom per my Dr.’s directive. [...]

New Blog: Scott Armstrong

I found this website while sitting home on disability. I read a lot of great stories (and some scary ones as well!), and decided to participate. So, here’s my story:
This past year I coached my daughters basketball team. In this particular league, the girls division plays with 2 grades together, in her [...]

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