Sleep Problems?

I am now 11 days post-surgery. Initially, I had trouble sleeping due to the initial surgery recovery. Now, there is no position that is comfortable to sleep. Any pressure on my heel is uncomfortable.  This has been going on the last few nights.

Anyone else have this issue?  Any ideas?

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  1. My doc said to make sure I rest my foot so the heel dangles over the edge of the pillow. He didn’t want any pressure on the incision until it healed. So - try laying on your side - I would lay on the non-surgery leg and put a pillow under my surgery foot so it would be cushioned and propped up and the heel hung off the edge. Or lay on your back and put pillows under your calf so that your heel hangs off the edge of the pillows without touching anything. Honestly I wasn’t really able to sleep well until several weeks after I had a night splint. I could not sleep in the regular cast and even after I got the night splint (for use at night instead of the boot) it took weeks before I got used to it. I think I got 2 hours sleep at the most at a time. So maybe I got 2-4 hours of sleep a night the first 3 weeks. I was quite exhausted by the time I got out of the cast and into my boot. But the slightest noise or anything that makes me uncomfortable can keep me from getting to sleep when I’m feeling perfectly well.

  2. I used two parallel pillows with one more on top across and put my leg in the middle. It hanged over the pillows. I did nto fully cover my body with sheets. I spread a smaller blanket over my chest. It was a little uncomfortable, to let y foot hang, mainly on my hip, but then I stuffed a small pillow under my kneecap and butt. Worked like magic to alleviate pressure. I also put another small pillow under my cast foot where it hung down to provide a little support. It was lower than the main leg pillow structure, but high enough to not let my foot hang down low andache. As soon as I got off pain pills I started ambien. This was a magic trick and I have no sleeping issues now. post op 3 weeks.. I think the pain pills actually kept me awake.

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