Sleep Problems?

I am now 11 days post-surgery. Initially, I had trouble sleeping due to the initial surgery recovery. Now, there is no position that is comfortable to sleep. Any pressure on my heel is uncomfortable.  This has been going on the last few nights.

Anyone else have this issue?  Any ideas?

Surgery Day, 10/27/2017

I had to be at the surgery center by 6:45 AM so we got an early start.  My surgery was at an outpatient surgery clinic. The pre-op went very well and was quite fast. I went back, changed into the gown, and met with my surgeon, who is a great surgeon and a friend.

The nurse prepped me, and I met with the anesthesiologist. I opted for the nerve block. Pretty soon thereafter, they put me under, and I awoke two hours later to the post AT surgery world!

I was very groggy and had some difficulty getting in and out of the car and then into the house. Once there, I had to scoot up the steps backwards. The nerve block helped tremendously. I sat in a chair and propped my foot on an ottoman, nowhere near above my heart.

Around 2 AM, I woke up in a great deal of pain. I crutches my way to the couch and didn’t leave for sometime. That night was miserable. I called the doctor the next morning, and he upped my pain meds. He also discouraged me from traveling to watch the state championship soccer game (I’m a high school principal).

I researched a great deal and read dozens of blog entries here. I’m not sure anything prepares you for the initial stages of recovery. I never dreamed I would be unable to do much more than lie on the couch and elevate my foot!

Original Injury, Late July 2017

I’ve struggled with Achilles tendinitis for around 6 years, off and on. My wife and I joined a gym this summer, and I started doing more elevation work on a treadmill. Several days later, I started getting pain in the back of my heel.  This pain grew worse over the next two weeks. My orthopedist put me in a boot for 5 weeks to see if the inflammation would go away (It didn’t).

After 6 weeks, an X-ray confirmed Haglund’s Deformity and a large bone spur on the heel. I also had Achilles tendinosis. The MRI added that my Achilles was 25% torn. I was scheduled for surgery on 10/27/2017.

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