Just back from the 12 week follow up on my re ATR. According to Doc, all looks good. I’m not sure whether it was sarcastic or not but his first words were “so how is your protocal coming?” Since I sent him the UWO plan I was going to follow, verses his no plan. But according to him all is re attached w\o surgery this time and going well. It was interesting hearing how much tendon is involved with the stitches, about 5 cm above and below the torn area with surgery. That came from my asking about why certain areas were very tender to touch even 3 mo’s after injury. He still believe his stiches are the glue that hold all together, I’m not sold. Time, and healing are more dependable in my mind. He gave the OK to do anything at only 3 mos healing I don’t think so. That was what got me in trouble the last time.

This blog has taught me so much, thanks to all the folks who post day in and day out. I look forward to the day I too do the 1 leg calf raise , get back on a court (VB Tennis or B ball).

3 Responses to “12 wk re ATR visit”
  1. normofthenorth says:

    I bet we don’t have to tell you “Don’t RUSH it!”

    Sounds great, though. None of us may ever know exactly what happened to your tendon when it was re-injured — and with luck, you’ll completely stop caring, once it’s back to 100%!

  2. Scott says:

    How true that is, 2011 hopefully will be a better year. Look forward to VB, cycling etc w\o worries.

  3. mikek753 says:

    12 weeks and already back to court?
    Did you get any enforcement on top of tendon? Or just plain stitches over tendon?

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