I’m at 7+ weeks and have tried to ween from the boot and into shoes with 1/2″ lift. So far so good on the second time thru this routine in 6 months. For all of you that have been doing the non surgical approach for me the Thompson test worked normally (negitive) at 7 weeks. Meaning there was a strong enough achilles attachment to move the foot when the calf was squeezed. And as some call it the finger test, where you can actually feel the gap in the tendon it has closed down for me from 2 cm to just a small indention. So now strengh of the tendon is the main issue. With surgery we know there are stitches holding, w\o surgery we have to be extreamly careful.

I have to say finding this site has given me a huge advantage to heal this time around. In June when I re ruptured and was told to just wear the boot for 6 weeks and we’ll see how it works out didn’t sit well with me. Finding the info, learning about the heel lift, 2 wks NWB etc gave me a plan that a busy OS didn’t lay out for me was great help.

I’m long way from healed but feel confident now that I’m on a good path.

2 Responses to “In 2 shoes and moving slowly”
  1. normofthenorth says:

    Scott, I’m sure there are several of us here who are watching your interesting story with great. . . interest. I know I am. Glad you’re coming along steadily, and that this great website has helped.

  2. andreea says:

    Excellent recovery story Scott! I am sorry to hear about the re-rupture, must have been devastating, but you coped very well with it and it appears that all is falling into place for you now! Good luck and enjoy the 2 shoes phase (that happens on Monday for me so can’t wait). Any advice you have?

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