4 weeks and one day

Hi all!
Wanted to share a milestone with you. I have been in a boot for 6 days on crutches with PWB. My doctor told me this morning I can begin increasing the weight bearing over the next 2 weeks and if I am not feeling pain and am careful with balance I should be able to drop the crutches by week 6. With that as my guide I began taking small steps today with more weight bearing. Then I tried one crutch and felt no pain. I realized I was actually at FWB and then put down the crutches and walked a short distance without them! It was an amazing feeling! I am still going to take it very slowly to develop strength and balance, but this is very uplifting. I am not seeing my surgeon again for two weeks but at that time I am scheduled to begin physical therapy. It’s just such a great feeling to see this kind of progress and have minimal pain and discomfort. I hope this will give you all some inspiration and encouragement.

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  1. YAY you!

  2. Awesome news scooterman! Yes, taking it slow is wise. I’m just a little ahead of you and have to remind myself of the same thing.

  3. Great news. Sounds like you are doing really well. Congrats. Yes, the news is very encouraging. I start PWB on Thursday-, so hoping I will be pain free too. Thanks also for the guidance on the alphabet and best technique for PWB. I am noticing pain in heel right now- sensitive to touch/ friction on boot- not directly on bottom, but more in back/ side. Assuming that will subside. I am certainly looking forward to taking my first steps and hoping for good progress over next few weeks. I start PT at week 6 as well. Did you ask about the stationary bike?

  4. Congrats! We’re on same timeline basically. I’ve been PWB for over a week and yesterday ginned up courage to go to one crutch and shuffle a little around the house. Very liberating to be able to move a cup of coffee w/o spilling!

    I did experience some discomfort in my nonATR ankle though, so need to be sensitive to fact that this is causing all sorts of compensations in your basic mechanics. If you don’t have an evenup cleat yet, I suspect it will become more important soon. It has for me.

    My PT started at week 3, and feels like forward progress despite being fairly low key as yet. Good luck with the next step, so to speak.

  5. Hi all!
    I probably did a little too much yesterday, but it was a good learning experience. I did get my doctors okay to do some stationary biking as long as it had very very low resistance. I biked very slowly for about 13 minutes and it felt good. At the end of the day when I took off my boot I noticed my foot had swelled quite a bit. It was definitely more swollen than it has been in the last several days so I have taken that as a sign that I have to go more slowly. Today I will be taking it easy When I started to work on my full weight bearing yesterday I checked YouTube to see what it was like to walk with one crutch. One of the YouTube videos mentioned that as you move to FWB it is actually better to walk with two crutches so you are not unbalanced and leaning too far on your good side. I found it made a lot of sense. Now that I proved to myself that I can actually handle FWB I am not going to push it too much. I’m planning to just keep working on the ROM exercises for a few days which I think will be very important when the PT begins.

  6. make sure you keep on icing and elevating your ankle

  7. Congrats on your progress! Keep up the great attitude. Big smile for you.

  8. scooterman my experience is a lot like yours. I had been PWB between week 2 and 4 and at my 4 week checkup the surgeon told me to go FWB when I could, so I walked out of the office FWB in the boot and went to work with no crutches the following day. I realize now that was a little ambitious and like you I am going to take it slow over the next two weeks while I regain my strength and balance.

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