4 weeks and one day

Hi all!
Wanted to share a milestone with you. I have been in a boot for 6 days on crutches with PWB. My doctor told me this morning I can begin increasing the weight bearing over the next 2 weeks and if I am not feeling pain and am careful with balance I should be able to drop the crutches by week 6. With that as my guide I began taking small steps today with more weight bearing. Then I tried one crutch and felt no pain. I realized I was actually at FWB and then put down the crutches and walked a short distance without them! It was an amazing feeling! I am still going to take it very slowly to develop strength and balance, but this is very uplifting. I am not seeing my surgeon again for two weeks but at that time I am scheduled to begin physical therapy. It’s just such a great feeling to see this kind of progress and have minimal pain and discomfort. I hope this will give you all some inspiration and encouragement.

6 days after surgery. I am new to this site and have found everyone’s postings very helpful. My surgery involved several small incisions rather than one long one. The recovery has been smooth so far. I believe the surgeon may have slightly lengthened either the AT or a muscle. He said it would reduce the chance of rerupture and ease recovery time. I was led to believe this was not unusual. He said it might make a very slight reduction in my performance level, but would only be an issue if I were a professional athlete. Has anyone heard of this in their experience?

6 days after surgery

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