Keloid Scar Remedies?

I have developed what my surgeon said is a keloid scar. Has anyone had this and are their any good home or over the counter remedies?

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  1. Silicone gel sheets are a proven way to reduce scars. I got some on amazon both a gel and the sheets (kelo-cote). While the scar was still pretty tender, but still healed, I used the gel. Once it got less tender (last week) I started putting the sheet on. I’m at 7.5 weeks. You pay about $35-$40 for a sheet and cut off what you need. You use the same piece for a month - taking it off, washing it and putting it back on twice a day. The gel costs just a bit less - but you just apply a thin coat so it lasts a while. I found a blog post on it by a guy who got a bad cut under his eye while surfing. It showed the before and after and talked about what he did (keeping the scar out of the sun is also very important) and how it worked.

  2. I’ve heard of coconut oil as a DIY scar treatment, but its effects have not been proven or disproven, as far as I know. If anything, it seems to help moisturize and facilitate healing. I think the silicon sheets will work better if you also apply constant pressure to flatten the scar…You should ask your surgeon what’s allowed at this point.

  3. My doctor said use the silicone gel or sheets once things are all healed up. I started using the gel on the top half of my incision at 4 weeks and on the lower half at 5 weeks (other than one little portion that took a LONG time to heal up). At 6 weeks I started putting on the silicone sheet. You just stick it on. The flattening occurs naturally. I take it off to wash it and do my exercises/massaging 2x/day and one other part of the day to do my exercises/massaging again. If you weren’t told to do scar mobilisation (aka massage) then start doing that as well. I was told to do that, gently, once the sutures were out. As soon as I started walking I got some lumps under the incision which I assume are scar tissue so now those get a bit more vigorous massage :)

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