Front Ankle Problems

Has anyone had pain/tenderness in the front part of your ankle. When I go down the stairs that’s when its really sore.

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  1. I had ankle pains at various stages of my recovery. Not soreness but sharp stabbing (medial side both below and in front of the ankle bone). They were pretty frequent when going down stairs on the balls of my feet, but I’d also get them randomly when just walking around.

    When I first got out of the boot, I think my calf/achilles was weak and I was compensating with other muscles, which was affecting my gait. I found making a concious effort to use the calf helped.

    Later when I started playing sports again, the weakened support muscles were getting tight and affecting ankle function. Stretching took care of the problem.

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  2. Yes. This persists a year in for me but has gotten much better. What helped me was constant stretching. Those supporting ligaments definitely tighten up being in the cast. Every now and then I get a very relieving “pop” in the front ankle when I try to get maximum stretch while trying to slowly go up all the way on my toes. Feels wonderful after and the ankle is much looser. Keep at the stretching.

  3. Hi! I’m only 3 months post op. At what point do you become less susceptible to swelling after use? Is it at 4-5 months, or just happens whenever you increase the load? I can understand soreness after exercise, but hoping the swelling part will eventually stop at some point…

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