My doctor cleared me to be boot free! Im about 7.5 weeks out. I have noticed this morning that my ankle is very swollen. Have others noticed that when they got out of the boot?

Other than that that everything seems to be going good. I walk with a slight limp but I am hoping after PT and just walking on it more and more that my walk will become more normal. Anyone else at this stage or have thoughts about what happened to them when they first got out of the boot?

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  1. Congratulations on booting the boot. That’s very exciting step! Try compression socks for swelling. That is normal at that stage. Of course elevation and icing help, but I found that it was best to minimize swelling in the first place by wearing compression sock (knee high). If you were op, then check with your doc/pt if it is ok with your scar to start wearing one.

    With walking - try to not to develop limp but take small steps and roll foot from heel to toe. My PT actually recorded my walk when I got out of the boot and in slow motion pointed out corrections I needed to make to my gait. One step at the time! Good luck!

  2. Hi there, me too - just out of the boot. I came out at 9 weeks and it’s 10weeks tomorrow since the injury. I’ve been walking around pretty much constantly but with a heavy limp and today is v swollen but reckon thats due to the 1st day back at work. Off to see the physio tomorrow - cannot wait as I’m so looking forward to someone actually examining my injury site properly. Here in the UK it seems to be a case of ‘follow the protocol written down on the bit of paper’ and don’t use your brain to be honest. There wasn’t any checking of the site by touch or any real discusson, by the doctor, I was pretty much just todl to wait to see the physio. I’m still waiting to get a NHS appointment to come through but I didn’t want to wait more than 1 week, so have made a private appt.

  3. Hi all

    No noticeable swelling when I came out of boot (week 10) but since then (week 12 now) after walking or stretching exercises I have swelling in both ankles. Still walking with a limp but improving. The physio seems to be slow but to be honest I can see why - every time I think I can do a bit more I overdo it and feel like I am going backwards!
    Vietzy I agree about doctors/checking injury. Only physio has given any really useful info/feedback.
    Tried to do heel raises at physio today - can barely get heels off floor - and now achilles really sore.. and first day back at work tomorrow! It’s a slow process….
    Happy new year to everyone.

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