Surgery and 2 weeks post Surgery

My injury happened on a Tuesday and my surgery was on that Friday, I got pretty lucky with getting in right away.

Never having surgery before I was a little scared. The whole process was pretty simple, I was surprised. I remember dozing out and then coming back and asking the nurses “do I have any boogers in my nose” and kept asking. Don’t ask me why I was so worried but I was. I woke up and didn’t feel any pain or naseau. Before the whole surgery the anathesiologist tech comes in and talked about the procedure. He also talked to me about what they called a “nerve block”. Let me tell you– this was heavent sent! Basically they do an ultrasound of your leg and find the nerves that lead to that area of your body where its injured. I didn’t feel pain for over 24 hours. That was amazing. My leg was numb all the way until Sunday. Once Sunday came I felt the pain but it wasn’t nearly as bad as I thought it would be.

I work in Human Resources and my job requires me to sit at my desk for most of the day. So I was only out of work from that Monday and returned Thursday. Those couple days were a struggle. I kind of went through a bunch of different emotions, I was sad, and then I was mad, I was bored, and I also felt worthless. Sitting on the couch all day made me feel almost depressed. Getting back to work felt great.

Through my insurance I got a scooter, thank the lord. Crutches would have been the death of me. This knee scooter helps me get around so much, so I would definitely recommend this to anyone who has had this injury.

I have my 2 week post op on Monday. From all the reading I have been doing I will get my stitches out and then hopefully if everything looks okay I will get a walking boot. Stay tuned for my progress!

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  1. Schwarac - were you prescribed any blood thinning medication to prevent DVT/PE after your surgery?

  2. I was just told to take Aspirin twice daily. I just started to walk in the boot today and continue to take it at least once a day. When I went to my post op appointment I had asked if if still need to take it and they said yes.

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