1 year anniversary!

Today is my one year anniversary.  I can’t believe it.  In some aspects it seems like it was forever and in others it seemed like yesterday.

I tore my right Achilles while playing basketball.  No fancy move or anything– running and  I pivoted and then I heard a big pop.  I immediately fell to the ground in agony.  The next day I went to the doctors.  My ankle had swollen double the size of what it normally looked like.  They knew right away it was a torn Achilles .  Two days later I had surgery.  The surgery wasn’t bad and the days to follow werent bad, only because I had a nerve block and could feel NOTHING.  A week later I could feel the pain but nothing terrible.  It honestly felt better immediately after the surgery than how it felt when it happened.

Fast foward a year later.  I still have tightness, especially in the mornings when I wake up.  I dont run much anymore, not because of my Achilles but because I am doing Barre and Yoga now.  I think running would help out with the tightness that I have but I do not like running.  Plus its Wisconsin and its cold here right now so not a lot of options, or at least thats my excuse!

My leg isnt quite its normal size, again probably because I’m not strengthening it as much as I should.  It gets good streching through Yoga and Barre though.

I have a lot of scar tissue that and a huge scar, but I was lucky enough (not) to get a Keloid scar so it is a gross looking scar.  I hear years later it may go down a little bit but I think im stuck with this guy for life.

I haven’t tried to play basketball yet.  I love the game but am scared of re rupturing it.  I know I’ll have to start running again if basketball will ever be an option again.

For all of you out there that have just started this journey.  Its a tough one, I wont lie.  But there are some positives.  Some positives for me were that I became more independent and emotionally stronger.  I got rid of the people in my life that were toxic and had no time for me while I was in pain or needed help.  I also realized that I was more independent than I thought I was.  At the age of 27 and being a female living on her own, I’m not going to lie it was extremely hard.  I had a lot of help from my mom and my co workers.  I am blessed with some pretty good people in my life.  But for those everyday things while I’m home alone I had to do it on my own.  If it was going out to get my mail or reaching up high for a cup that was really far up in my cabinet, I did it. You can do it.  There were times I was sitting at home on the couch just bored out of my mind and wallowing in self pitty.  I thought it was going to last forever, but nothing last forever.  I would say the first 2-3 months are the hardest– but everyday it will get better. Trust me, you are a lot stronger than you think you are.

Im thankful for this site and all of the people who gave me advice.  I hope I helped a few people along the way.  Good luck to whoever is reading this! You can do it!


7 months post op

Thought I would give an update for anyone who is in the early stages and feeling lost.  IT GETS BETTER!!

I am at  7 months.  I started running at 6.  I can still only run for about 15 minutes and then it gets sore.  I started doing yoga and I love it.  My legs lost a lot of muscle so since I cant do my normal workouts this is amazing!

My scar is still protruding but I hear it wont go away, maybe slightly after years.  I tried some gels but it didnt too anything.  I guess I had to figure it out for myself!

All in all I am happy where I am!  Just remember, you’ll get better.  I was in the same boat as you.

If I can give any piece of advice… GO TO PHYSICAL THERAPY.  Its annoying I know.  But I think its one of the main reasons why  am doing so good at month 7.

Keloid Scar Remedies?

I have developed what my surgeon said is a keloid scar. Has anyone had this and are their any good home or over the counter remedies?

Dry Needle?

Has anyone heard of this term and or/have done it?  My PT asked if I was interested in doing it.  It sounds like its basically like acupuncture.

12 Week Report

Im about 12 weeks out from surgery.  For the first couple weeks once I started PT I was going every week.  My therapist now has be going every two weeks.  I feel with the past few weeks I haven’t progressed much.  She says I have but I just don’t see/feel it.  I do most of my home exercises every night.  Miss a few days here and there.  I still walk with pain.  My scar has also gotten much bigger– or protruding more I should say.  I put scar medicine on it every day but that doesn’t seem to change the appearance.

Its been a long few months- still have a lot go.

Front Ankle Problems

Has anyone had pain/tenderness in the front part of your ankle. When I go down the stairs that’s when its really sore.


My doctor cleared me to be boot free! Im about 7.5 weeks out. I have noticed this morning that my ankle is very swollen. Have others noticed that when they got out of the boot?

Other than that that everything seems to be going good. I walk with a slight limp but I am hoping after PT and just walking on it more and more that my walk will become more normal. Anyone else at this stage or have thoughts about what happened to them when they first got out of the boot?

7 weeks post op- Surgeon Appointment Tomorrow

Tomorrow will be my 7 weeks post op date. I cant believe its been weeks, honestly it feels much longer. I am currently still in the boot and walking freely with that and no crutches. I started PT a little over a week ago, so I go twice a week. The first two times were just showing me different movements I should be making.

I guess tomorrow the surgeon will see where we are at and if I can start walking without the boot. I have no pain. It just feels tight. If I do my PT exercises it feels pretty good afterwards.
I have slight swelling in my ankles but other than that it looks good. I also started using scar cream. Cant see a difference really yet. I think i’ve been using it for 2 or 3 weeks now and it says it takes 8 weeks for new scars.

This process has been very long and brutal, but Im very excited that I’m doing physical therapy and have the option in the near future to start walking without the boot. My PT told me that my next appointment with her will start to do actual excerices like walking on it and then progressing to a stationary bike. I never thought I would be excited for physical exercise! Before this I went to the gym usually 3 times a week. Ive probably gained a good 5-7 lbs so I cant wait to go to the gym again and actually NOT dread it, who would have thought!

Compression socks/sleeves?

Anyone use compression socks/sleeves that work well after a ruptured Achilles?!?!

Weight as tolerated starts today!

Today I start my weight as tolerated today! I am walking in the boot with crutches. I did notice one crutch is actually easier than two. I was using a knee scooter everywhere, which was really nice, but I’m so excited to be on the next step. No pain in my Achilles. My incision hurts a bit– I’m sure that’s normal because its being stretched more than normal. I have been trying to keep up with the surgery massage. I do that at least 2 times a day. I also have been doing minimal foot exercises.

I have an appointment on the 30th with my surgeon and then I don’t start physical therapy until the end of January. Looking forward to see my progress the next couple weeks. Any advise or words of wisdom for someone who is at this point in the recovery process?