10 months out

Hey everyone,
I’m 10 months post surgery, and with a few exceptions, things are basically back to normal. The exception is doing a single leg heal raise. I can’t do one on the bad leg yet. My question is to everyone, and the question is if you were able to do a single leg heal raise, and if you were, how long after the surgery it took you to do so. My surgeon was very conservative, and didn’t let me put any weight on the leg for a full 8 weeks post-op. I finished PT, and am able to walk and jog, but still can’t do the dang heal raise. If anyone has any experiences, I’m all ears.

I also want to tell people that you can do pretty much most things in life without being able to do a heal raise, so if you’re afraid that you’ll be seriously challenged afterwards, don’t worry. The entire situation does get better.

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  1. I’m with you, Savi, in roughly the same spot despite our very different paths to get here. And you’re absolutely right, having a half-height 1-leg straight-kneed heel raise (in my case) doesn’t seem to create many problems — though I haven’t returned to the volleyball court yet, for other reasons (like open-heart surgery!).

    But walking, skiing, bicycling, stairs, etc., are all more-or-less “perfect”. I can even do an energetic “silly walk” where I bounce up into a full heel lift at the end of every stride, but I can’t get up that high standing still.

  2. Hey Savi
    I think about 4 months I was doing them. i don’t know that i’d be keen on running until you can do them. Funny, walking should give you an assisted heel raise, so would have thought it would be happening by now.

    I started doing (standing in doorframe) up on two feet and down on the bad one - the eccentric (down) movement was apparently better for building muscle, worked for me anyway. Can you not do with either straight or bent leg - try the one you don’t normally try.

    good luck!

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  4. I am 10 months and haven’t been able to do a single leg heel raise either. I’m pretty sure it’s a mental thing bcuz I’ve been running 5k’s, playing softball and baseball since July (7 months).

    Also, I bet Ryan Howard ruptured his left achilles at tonight’s Cards vs. Phillis game.

  5. Re: Ryan Howard — his description and how he did it rang eerily familiar to me when I blew my left tendon out on 4/21/11 (although I was playing volleyball, not busting out of the batter’s box). My guess is, he’ll be back no earlier than the All-Star break. But as a pro athlete, he’ll should have the best of care, so for Phillies fans, hopefully he’ll be back sooner. But I’d be stunned if he did.

  6. Ryan Howard topic: MRI? Waste of money. To diagnose a ruptured achilles tendon, all you need is a Thompson test. I saw the play last night and knew he ruptured it. It happened to me last November and my doc said an MRI is useless for diagnosis unless you really want to blow $2000.

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