6 months post ATR

Hi everyone, I’m 6 months post ATR and I can say it does get better. I walk around and work normally, and I work out approximately 3 times a week (elliptical for about 30-45 min. followed by weights). I also do some light jogging and yoga. I will probably move on to more jogging and spinning in the next few weeks. My one leg calf raise is still not completely normal, but it’s definitely better than it was when I first started physio. Most people have no idea that I ruptured my achilles from the way I walk (although a few notice a slight limp).
Anyhow, I’m writing because my PT ended in October, and I’ve been doing exercises on my own since then. Anybody have any ideas on how to stay motivated to do PT on your own?

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  1. Hey savvy525, Sounds like you’re doing great. Don’t stop now. As far as motivation, if you read my most recent post, mine current motivation is skiing. In the spring, it will be softball and mountain biking. Think of sports and activities that you love and really want to do, and you should have all motivation you need! Keep healing.

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