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Hey everyone,

I will no doubt get a huge range of answers here, but I was wondering how long people’s formal physical therapy lasted.  I have been going to my PT for a little over  2 weeks now, and she wants me to go for another 4 weeks for a total of 6 weeks for just PT (plus maybe even some more depending on her recommendation). It’s been 10 weeks since the surgery. How long has everybody else done this?  My life is completely on hold, as I don’t want to start rounding on the hospital floors until I’m fully ready.  My schedule is such that doing formal physical therapy and going to med school is out of the question.    Would love to get as much input as possible.


BTW, in case anyone is wondering, this is a little different from one of my previous posts which was asking everyone how long until they started PT, not how long their actual PT was

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  1. I started just after 2 wks in, and went ~1x/wk. At around week 18, my PT told me we’d gone about as far as we could go, but that he would hand me over to a colleague who would supervise an exercise-based rehab program in their gym. I did one session with her, but didn’t return — partly because I didn’t think there was anything in that program that I couldn’t do about as well at home. (Not that I actually DID those things at home. . . ;-) )

    Savi, I’m guessing that your PT sessions were a lot more frequent than mine, since I think I could hold down a full-time job (or school) while fitting them in 1x/wk.

  2. Savi,
    Time is your key word here, not so much amount of time at or in PT but time to heal a tendon that needs to hold a huge amount of weight and stress day in and day out. My PT experience was the re education of the foot and calf muscles, I could not believe with just a month or so in a cast\boot etc I couldn’t walk backward and lift the foot up or walk down stairs pointing my toe down. I had to land on the heel everytime as a protective means to a healing tendon.

    But as far as everyday life, working and taking care of things around the house, in a boot until 8 to 10 weeks and given a hinged boot was no problem for me. I re-tore mine at 13 weeks post surgery because I believed the doc who said all was great at 12 weeks, so remember you aren’t out of the woods until you can do the 1 leg calf raise multiple times IMHO. But doing things with that in mind you can accomplish a lot. Just be smart about it.

    Good luck, and keep heeling.

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