Has it been 2.5 months, or 2.5 decades??

Hi all,

It’s been 2.5 months (almost 10 weeks) post surgery.  I have only been walking on two shoes for about 10 days.  Yet, even though it’s only been 2.5 months, it feels much longer.  This past week I tried going to a yoga class.  It was in 105 degree heat, and I couldn’t do half the poses because of the leg.  Add that to the fact that I’m extremely out of shape from lying on my back for the last two months, and I almost passed out several times during the class. It was clear I’m out of shape.

While I maybe walking again, I certainly cannot run and have lost some "zest."  How has everyone gotten back into shape (and even back into life for that matter) after this injury?

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  1. Bicycling’s been my fave exercise, though it was brutal when I first got back onto the bike. I started in the boot, then continued in 2 shoes.

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  3. Heya Savvy, I am almost 8 weeks post op and feel your pain…..I feel sooo out of shape, add in a little body dismorphic syndrome and I feel like a stuffed pig!

    Having gone through this before, I can say it just takes time. Alot of time!

    After my first time around I would say while a little stiff, I became better than ever. It will come, just go SLOWLY! You dont want to re-injure anything….Like Norm said, bicycling is good. Or while the weather is still nice walking would be good too, just to get moving outside. Everyday I feel a little better……I was smiling yesterday because I can now walk up stairs sort of like a normal person :-)

    Im losing my mind over here….I have already started new playlists future workouts…….gonna hit some weights for now…. Happy healing…

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