Time to physical therapy

Hi everyone. I’m wondering when everyone who has had a full rupture has began physical therapy, when they finished physical therapy, and when they were able to get back to jogging/running/leg squats/stairclimb/ellipse machine and any other good stuff. Let me know.

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  1. If you’re looking for hard and fast times, I’m afraid you’re out of luck. When you start PT will really depend on when your doctor orders it because I have found the therapists don’t want to do anything unless your surgeon approves it. I doubt that any two people here “finished” PT in the same length of time. There are just too many variables with each individual to give anything that even vaguely resembles a concrete answer. When you’re finished with PT will depend largely on how aggressive and diligent you are in doing the exercises given and pushing the limits.

  2. Savvy, the UWO protocol that several of us here are following (some with surgery and several without) starts PT at 2 weeks, which is what I did. I don’t think anybody here has compiled a timeline of return to sports or to high-risk sports, etc. But it would range from around 6 months to never (i.e., some people decide to give up the activity that tore their AT). Some people re-start sooner but play “gently”, and others wait until they can play aggressively again. . .

  3. Savvy,
    As GerryR already stated, everyone will be different. If you are confident, informed, healthy, and motivated you may not need official PT. I started PT at home at 3 weeks, scheduled one office PT session at 5 weeks for tips and a sanity check but did not learn anything new and did not go back. I had surgery and my goal was to get back to daily life and work activities minus sports as soon as possible. I reached that goal at about 7 weeks and only missed 3 days work. I am now ahead of schedule and in a holding pattern before I try any of the tougher stuff you mentioned - jogging/running/leg squats. I’ll save those for the 4-5 month mark but I did start biking at 8 weeks. I hope to be back to strenuous activity by 6 months but will not go back to high risk sports till 9-12 months. Set reasonable goals, listen to your body, back off when it talks to you.

  4. Hello!
    I had an achilles tendon repair in Apr. of this year. I have had about 6 1/2 months of PT and it still hurts a little to walk. Going downstairs is very painful. I am getting better with the pain and range of motion and strengthening slowly. I can’t believe it has taken so long. ( What I had was he removed the tendon from the bone and reattached it back in order to get to a bone spur to remove it.
    Has anyone heard of more PT needed and still gotten well? What’s the most anyone has had successful PT?

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