Amount of time for physical therapy

Hey everyone,
I will no doubt get a huge range of answers here, but I was wondering how long people’s formal physical therapy lasted.  I have been going to my PT for a little over  2 weeks now, and she wants me to go for another 4 weeks for a total of 6 weeks for just [...]

Has it been 2.5 months, or 2.5 decades??

Hi all,
It’s been 2.5 months (almost 10 weeks) post surgery.  I have only been walking on two shoes for about 10 days.  Yet, even though it’s only been 2.5 months, it feels much longer.  This past week I tried going to a yoga class.  It was in 105 degree heat, and I couldn’t do half [...]

A question for everyone

Hi all, this question is going to get a huge range of answers because everyone’s recovery is unique. I am wondering how long it took individuals to gain strength back in their calf. How long did it take until they were able to stand on their bad foot and be able to do [...]

Walking again

Hey everyone,
I have started physical therapy and walking again without the aircast.  Walking again with regular shoes takes some getting used to.  Since I have absolutely no strength in my calf, I can’t raise my heal off the ground while walking.  Consequently, every step I take puts a lot of pressure directly on the heal, [...]

Time to physical therapy

Hi everyone. I’m wondering when everyone who has had a full rupture has began physical therapy, when they finished physical therapy, and when they were able to get back to jogging/running/leg squats/stairclimb/ellipse machine and any other good stuff. Let me know.