Week 3 - Touching my foot to the ground never felt so good!

Those first two weeks are H.A.R.D.!!!!! When you are used to being so independent and active…all the testing is enough to go crazy but I survived and kept a positive outlook as much s possible (truth: there were a few ready moments!) But I made it through and have now graduated to the weight bearing as tolerated stage. What a vague protocol !? My swelling is negligible thanks to anti-inflammatory eating and cold laser as well as KTape. The doctor said are impressed so far.

**Milestone** central this week. I am walking with crutches and sitting touching both feet on the ground…wow does it feel great not to carry around the foot in the air. I have been testing my weight using a scale to start off slowly but I’m so happy to report that I don’t feel any pain with 25-50% weight bearing with crutches. As soon as I venture beyond that i get a little pins and needles in the foot and know that’s the current threshold.

I have also ventured to the gym for some cardio!! In the first two weeks I did my protocol exercises for hip and knee extension and flexion, one leg yoga, core and upper body…but never really got a serious sweat going. It felt so great to bike and row…I just had the boot resting on the other bike pedal and not strapped in to the rower. (Thanks cserpent for the rower tips) Also…I went to the pool with my son…it was a success getting in, splashing around on one foot and feeling a little less restricted - I can’t wait to swim laps with a pull buoy later this weekend.

To anyone just getting started…stay positive, keep your mind and body active and good nutrition definitely plays a role in healing. Sawyer and I didn’t make the trek across Canada to visit the inlaws…probably not a bad decision to focus on healing at home still. We do leave for Mexico in a week (as a family and with the knee scooter as well) and think the lounge chair, pool, exercise, eat and sleep combo will only add to the initial successful recovery weeks.

UPDATE - I went swimming with a pull buoy and did just over 1000m in increments. Other than having to be careful crutching on the pool deck…it was so freeing!!!

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  1. Way to go Sarge! Give yourself a challenge - just use on foot on the bike - LOL! I had to do that initially and OMG is it hard! I was so happy when my doc said it would be OK to rest the booted foot on the pedal, just that weight helps with pedaling. Enjoy the Mexico trip!

  2. Wow that’s amazing!!!!! I’m so proud of you. I am week 5 and I want to do more but just afraid not because I have pain but a combo of what my surgeon said and reading others post. I asked my surgeon can o go do cardio on bike with boot at the gym he said no booo. I can only do upper body.

    How is your ROM?

  3. I definitely took my aircast off the pedal for some intervals to increase the sweat and burn!!!!

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  4. Awe thanks Ty! I was so good in my non-weight bearing weeks just doing upper body, core and one legged exercises…I was elated when the physio put me on the bike. My ROM isn’t too bad considering…I did a lot of toe curls in those first weeks, plus knee and hip exercises everyday.

    I was definitely nervous on those first steps, bikes, rowing and swim…but I haven’t felt any pain at all. I think staying in the 25-50% PWB limit is a good initial place to begin the movement for my recovery.

    I’m lucky to be a teacher and have the summer off to focus on the recovery. Focusing on the upper body is good…but sounds like you are eager for The next phase :)
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  5. Oh okay sargegirl so your therapist got you on the bike which is great. I don’t start therapy until week 8. When I was at week 3 I got the boot and put on FWB and was told to wean myself off the crutches. I ditched the crutches at week 4.

    What type of ROM or stretches do your therapist have you doing? I’m excited for you especially starting therapy early.

    Fyi I’m a teacher too

  6. Ty - you can do cardio on the bike at this point - but you can’t put your booted foot on the pedal. I used the recumbent bike so my foot wasn’t totally below my body and just crossed across the middle support or rested it on the ground. It is a pain to pedal with one foot - but it is doable and definitely gives you a workout since it’s harder - LOL!

    I’m actually surprised - since you are FWB in the boot - that your doc won’t let you rest the boot on the pedal. That’s what I did when I was PWB. I promised my doc I would use the recumbent and would not push with my surgery foot, but just resting it on the pedal was a big help to using the bike.

  7. Sounds like we have a completely different protocol! I kind of feel like all Achilles injuries have us as guinea pigs since the surgery va non and protocols are so varied.

    For ROM - I’m doing inversion, eversion and planter flexion below neutral, dorsiflexion to neutral. Hips - straight leg flexion and extension with 5sec holds, side lying and standing abduction and adduction, clam shells, external and external hip rotations. Leg extensions and leg curls without any weight (I do have red and green therabands). We just added bridges and bridge addiction squeezing a soft ball between my knees with 5s holds.

    Also anything core - boat pose, side plank (from knee on bad side), plank (I now even put my toe In The boot down)bicycles, crunches with feet at 90, scissors, etc

    What do you teach?

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  8. http://www.banffsportmed.ca/sites/default/files/bp_attachments/Achilles%20Tendon%20Rupture_0.pdf

    Check out this link…I’m in Phase 2 but it shows pictures of what I was trying to describe. I’ve only used resistance for a few of the exercises, everything else body weight(aircast weight). This isn’t my protocol, but very similar and very nearby where I live.

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  9. Hey thanks cserpent I will try that. I told my doc. I feel like a fat cow just gaining weight. I use to work out 1-3 a week so it has been so hard to do completely nothing. Where are you at in this recovery?

    Sargegirl thanks so much for the web link. I teach 8th grade Math. What about you? When do you start back working?

  10. I’m at 23 weeks trying to get through a plateau in the healing process. I can run .5 mile with no issues. When I go to 3/4 mile my foot pains me. So I’m going to try running 2 minutes, walk 1 minute and see if that keeps the foot happier and allows me to go longer distances. And, after emailing back/forth with my soccer trainer friend she pointed out that running and hopping on 1 foot are basically the same motion - pushing off all the weight on one foot. Doh! So I won’t do my jumping PT exercises and running on the same day :) And I’ll keep at the strengthening exercises/machines at the gym. If I was a couch potato I would be doing fine! LOL! But I want to get back to playing soccer - so I gotta get the muscles/tendons back to full strength!

  11. Everything I’ve read and been told is that all the aggressive movement rehab only helps the stretching and healing! Still blows my mind that protocols are so varied and inconsistent.

    I feel your need cserpent to get back to soccer - I can’t wait to be a runner again!!! Ty…I would push your doc on adding some movement…inquire at least. And I’m a 4-12 PE teacher…who has four weeks left of summer! Are you back at it sooner?

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