Week 3 - Touching my foot to the ground never felt so good!

Those first two weeks are H.A.R.D.!!!!! When you are used to being so independent and active…all the testing is enough to go crazy but I survived and kept a positive outlook as much s possible (truth: there were a few ready moments!) But I made it through and have now graduated to the weight bearing as tolerated stage. What a vague protocol !? My swelling is negligible thanks to anti-inflammatory eating and cold laser as well as KTape. The doctor said are impressed so far.

**Milestone** central this week. I am walking with crutches and sitting touching both feet on the ground…wow does it feel great not to carry around the foot in the air. I have been testing my weight using a scale to start off slowly but I’m so happy to report that I don’t feel any pain with 25-50% weight bearing with crutches. As soon as I venture beyond that i get a little pins and needles in the foot and know that’s the current threshold.

I have also ventured to the gym for some cardio!! In the first two weeks I did my protocol exercises for hip and knee extension and flexion, one leg yoga, core and upper body…but never really got a serious sweat going. It felt so great to bike and row…I just had the boot resting on the other bike pedal and not strapped in to the rower. (Thanks cserpent for the rower tips) Also…I went to the pool with my son…it was a success getting in, splashing around on one foot and feeling a little less restricted - I can’t wait to swim laps with a pull buoy later this weekend.

To anyone just getting started…stay positive, keep your mind and body active and good nutrition definitely plays a role in healing. Sawyer and I didn’t make the trek across Canada to visit the inlaws…probably not a bad decision to focus on healing at home still. We do leave for Mexico in a week (as a family and with the knee scooter as well) and think the lounge chair, pool, exercise, eat and sleep combo will only add to the initial successful recovery weeks.

UPDATE - I went swimming with a pull buoy and did just over 1000m in increments. Other than having to be careful crutching on the pool deck…it was so freeing!!!

Week 1 - The Art of Slowing Down

One week ago today the course of my summer changed BIG TIME! My 4 year old and I were at a Trampoline Park and Obstacle Course having a great time with friends for the first 90minutes. I’m a PE teacher, marathon runner, Ironman athlete, avid yogi and overall healthy momma and wife. So I had no reason to believe that at the end of the medium level obstacle course the Warp Wall was going to affect my life so drastically. After watching my son and his friend (as well as several other people at the facility) run up and down the three walls…I decided to give the 10ft wall a try. Easy Peesy!! My 4 year old keeps letting me know I forgot to slam the "light up" button at the top of the wall to let everyone know I completed the wall before sliding down the pole to the ground. I asked the girl monitoring the station how difficult the second 12ft wall was and she said she didn’t think I would have a problem. So…off I went and the moment my foot hit the incline of the ramp I heard the "pop" and crumbled down.

I knew instantly what had happened. I hobbled around for about 30min, allowing my son to still play and hoping and praying what I knew had happened…hadn’t! But alas…I hobbled out of the facility and drove myself to Emergency (thank goodness it’s the left foot!)

I was quickly admitted and my Mom came to get my son as my husband is often working out of town. I was assessed and my initial thoughts of what happened were confirmed. Full Rupture…long road ahead and the marathon I had planned in October was definitely out of the question.

So…how to I be a Mom of an active 4 year old and gracefully handle this hand I was dealt. I have so far managed to stay very positive thinking this is the bigger world telling me to slow down and being grateful I have the summer to start recovery. I have quickly ditched my traditional crutches for a knee scooter and iWalk 2.0 to be a bit more mobile and quick, plus hands free.

As with so many other blogs I have read, I have been the research queen, and when I met with the surgeon the next day - we opted for the non-operative approach. I’m lucky my uncle is also a surgeon who has also confirmed my decision with several of his ortho buds. I have been exercising since two days post injury…my body only knows movement!

I found an awesome youtube channel with a yoga physio who had the same injury and still practiced yoga - I think it will be so important to stretch and breathe. I was given a protocol that allowed movement in the first two weeks to maintain ROM, hip and knee movement. Plus I have been modifying upper body and core workouts to be NWB. I’m missing getting a sweat on but am holding off on single leg biking for now. I even have access to a hand cycle if I really get the need to increase my heart rate.

I’m still elevating and icing and resting…but for me movement is normal and I think will help keep me sane! Next week we are traveling and so far I’m not planning on stopping these pre-planned vacations. First trip across the country is just Sawyer (my son) and I…so getting through the airport will be interesting, but I’m up for the challenge and not afraid to ask for help. Then a week later we are in Mexico…I think the knee scooter will still be coming with me!

I really love reading so many stories on here, and am trying to find some good inspirational books to read - feel free to give recommendations! My son has been AWESOME - carrying a backpack everywhere we go and really helping out Mom. My husband is out of town for 10 of the first 16 days post rupture…so my friends and parents have stepped up huge with meals, visits and play dates for Sawyer. Thank goodness I can still drive and have some independence…

Deep breaths, positive thinking and take it one day at a time! That’s where I’m at. Wishing everyone a healthy recovery.