More cast issues

I am on my 2nd cast this week and it started bothering me last night just like the  previous cast I needed changed.  Each cast has felt good about 1.5 days.  I have a burning tingling down the outside of my foot.  When I put my foot down it feels better, it feels good about 1.5 days after a cast change, and when my foot is out of the cast (when they remove it) it feels good.  I was off pain meds but the cast issue has caused me to take them at night. Any thoughts on what this could be?

I plan to call my doc today and tell him all of the above.  Instead of a 3rd cast in a week I’m hoping to convince him to give me the boot so I can adjust the straps, etc.  His initial reasoning for not giving me the boot was compliance.  He worried I would take the boot off, have to go to the bathroom, trip, rerupture, etc.  I feel at this point he needs to trust that I won’t do that and make my foot comfortable.  Any tips on talking with him?