I’m a little nervous right now.  Last night I stumbled and put my a lot of my weight on the heel of my cast.  I felt some tingles but not really any pain.  Today the bottom of my heel and  foot feels “alive” with tingles but not painful.  I don’t seem to have any swelling, can move my toes, and with the minimal room inside my cast I can flex my calf muscle.  My husband thinks it’s okay since the cast is very protective.  Of course I am nervous I did something.  Would I be certain if I re-ruptured?  Anyone else have a similar stumble that was okay?

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  1. shaw22 on March 20th, 2010

    Sorry to hear that you stumbled, hope everything is ok. I was in little to no weight bearing with both crutches and i was in the kitchen getting something to eat, and there was water on the ground and i stepped back with my crutch and slipped and stepped on with my foot, it hurt so bad it brought me to tears and i thought that i had re-tore it, I just took my medicine and then got in to see the doctor and have him examine it as soon as possible, luckly i didnt do anything to it. Hope you didnt either.

  2. coolkiwi on March 20th, 2010

    Hi Sara - I did similar - didn’t put my crutches ‘on’ properly after a few glasses of wine and put my bad foot down heavily inadvertantly. I’ve been back to the hospital since and no adverse effects…the cast does really protect it, so don’t worry. I can flex my calf too…feels rather strange doesn’t it.

  3. normofthenorth on March 20th, 2010

    Especially with your weight on the heel, and most of the tingles coming from there, it doesn’t sound too bad — comparable to a slip that most of us had at one point. Most of those slips turn out OK, especially the ones that sound like yours. (BTW, my theory is that most of the actual re-ruptures don’t happen primarily because our body weight flexes the cast/boot and our ankle, but because our bodies naturally react in a “panic” whenever we lose our balance. And part of that panic is trying instinctively to catch ourselves with our foot, our calf muscle, and our poor unhealed AT.)

    One of the side benefits of a faster (more modern) rehab protocol, like the one I’ve posted on my blog — and which I’ve been following even WITHOUT surgery! — is that you spend much less time NWB on crutches, at risk of falling. On that protocol — not the fastest in the world by any means! — you’d have been partially WB for almost 2 weeks now, and just 2 days short of “Weight Bearing As Tolerated” — another way of saying “starting to forget where you left that crutch!”

    I think most Orthos toss in another week or two or three NWB as a kind of “freebie”, “might as well”, “just to be on the safe side”. Unfortunately, it seems to make the rehab outcomes worse, not better, and it’s also far from a “freebie” for the patient!

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