Many witnesses

I ruptured my right achilles tendon playing basketball…in a staff/student basketball game!  I shot a foul shot, missed and went in for the rebound.  I thought someone stepped on the back of my foot and I heard a zipping sound.  Didn’t feel a lot of pain but I remember saying, “the floor feels crooked” over and over.  The injury happened in front of 500 students and staff.  I kind of wish it was more dramatic or “cool” looking but alas…

I had surgery 9 days after the rupture.  I’m currently 17 post surgery, foot in neutral position in a cast.  Doing OK mentally.  The first few weeks were especially hard.  I have a 4 year old and an 18 month old.  Haven’t been able to care for them like I want, tuck them in bed, etc.  My husband and family have been so helpful.  But as you all know, it’s hard.  I get my boot in 2 weeks (4 weeks postop) and I can’t wait to soak it in the tub.

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