Yee Haw!

I’m about 15 weeks post-op. I had to check my blog to see that so things are progressing since I can know longer easily recall how long ago I had my surgery.  I have something very exciting thing to report… I’m cleared to start mountain biking!!! Obviously I can’t just go out and do the hardest trails I know, but I have the green light to see what I can do out there in the buggy, beautiful Maine woods.

Moving along-11 weeks

I’ll be 11 weeks post-op Monday and things continue to improve slowly and steadily.  I completed my first full time week back at school and it went very well.  My stamina isn’t what it once was but the foot felt pretty good.  The first few days I had some swelling at the end of the day, but by the end of the week I wasn’t having much at all.  It is great to be back teaching although I arrived just in time to teach the reproductive system, not my favorite unit to teach 5th graders! :)

I really look forward to my PT appointments.  She cleared me to ride on flat terrain and I plan on doing a Mother’s Day ride tomorrow.  I don’t have huge expectations of how it will be, probably weird, but I can’t wait to have the bike back in my life.  My goal is to get in the woods in another month.  I’ll be careful of course.  She checked how much weight I was able to lift on calf raises and it is about 25 percent of my body weight.  Not sure if I should be farther along than that, but I was pleased to get a # so I can measure my future progress.  I’m doing great on the wobble board so the balance board with half a ball on top is what I’m trying to master next.  I can stay on it, but it’s not graceful.

So life is good.  I’m still being very careful but a few times this weekend my foot did “normal” things it hasn’t since pre-injury  w/o me even thinking about it.  I started to chase my toddler and broke into a very slow jog. It just happened, that’s the best way to describe it.  I REALLY noticed how weak that leg still is once I paid attention to what I was doing.  I also did a small leap (if you could call it that) over something on the floor.  I didn’t do the leap because I panicked, I just did it naturally.

It’s been great to read about everyone’s progress and to the people who are newly injured-there is a light at the end of the tunnel (cliche statement but I can’t think of anything more profound :))

Vacation, work, and calf raises…

Yesterday marked 9 weeks post-op and everything is creeping forward.  I’ve been in 2 shoes for 2 weeks and have seen a lot of improvement.  I’ve lost my limp but still have a pause in my gait.  The PT said this is normal.  I can stand in the shower comfortably and my swelling is controllable.  Last week I travelled with my family to Sedona, AZ to visit my dad.  Although I couldn’t participate in the hiking and biking I would have if not injured, I was able to go on short walks, visit the zoo, shop, go out to eat, etc.  I finally felt “part of things” again.  This week I’ve started back teaching part time and will return to full time next week.  Mentally this was so important for me.  I tell you it was a looooong 2 months being stuck at home, not working or driving.  I threw away all my “comfy” clothes I wore while at my worst and I refuse to sit on the part of the couch where I spent so much of my time.  You can actually see a big indentation from where I would lay!  PT is going great.  She had me start calf raises, weights, and the wobble board.  I’m up to a whopping 2 mph on the treadmill! :))  So…things are slowly and surely improving.


Just got back from my 7 week checkup with the surgeon.  I am cleared to ditch the boot, drive, and return to work after April vacation!  I just drove to the store to get a soda for the first time in 2 months!  He said the tendon is pretty strong now but a bad trip could be a problem.  His instructions were to increase activity as tolerated and listen to my body.  Today is a great day!

Finally some progress

Hi everyone!  I guess a lot has happened in the last couple of weeks.  I am currently 6.5 weeks post op.  I’ve had 4 PT sessions and am weight bearing as tolerated.  The surgeon wants me to wear shoes in “controlled environments” and practice my walk using crutches if necessary.  I am supposed to use the boot when I leave the house though.  I guess the order of things surprised me (shoes before boot w/o crutches) .  I think when I see the surgeon on Monday I’ll ditch the crutches???

I really miss teaching and hope I’ll be cleared for work soon.  That has been the hardest part, being alone during the day for the past 8 weeks.  Way too much time to think.  Even when I had a good day I’d cycle through to some  negative thinking.  But it is getting much better and I know i’ll hit some good milestones over the next month.  I’m heading to Sedona, AZ with my family.  Although I can’t do the hiking and biking I originally planned I am grateful I will be able to walk, swim, and socialize.

I hope everyone else is doing well and making good progress.


I’m a little nervous right now.  Last night I stumbled and put my a lot of my weight on the heel of my cast.  I felt some tingles but not really any pain.  Today the bottom of my heel and  foot feels “alive” with tingles but not painful.  I don’t seem to have any swelling, can move my toes, and with the minimal room inside my cast I can flex my calf muscle.  My husband thinks it’s okay since the cast is very protective.  Of course I am nervous I did something.  Would I be certain if I re-ruptured?  Anyone else have a similar stumble that was okay?

3 Weeks Done!

I’m 3/4 of the way through Phase 1 of recovery, the cast.  Looking forward to the next phase in a little over a week, THE BOOT.  I’m not sure what the doc will allow me to do weight bearing wise but mentally I feel like THE BOOT will be reallllllly beneficial for my psychological recovery.  I was down in the dumps a little this morning again thinking about this injury.  I really do feel like it is the psychological part that is hardest for me.  My son has been acting out at preschool.  He is the most mild tempered, sweet little boy (really he is, not just saying that because I’m his mom).  His teacher suggested he is acting out partly because of my injury and it made me feel soo awful and helpless even if she may be right.  Mentally I’m also worried about a rerupture even though I know it is a rarity to occur.  So…it’s the mental piece I need to work on!  It is weird.  I had a horrific mountain bike accident about 3 years back.  I snapped my 2 forearm bones on my right side. Screws and plates in there, etc.  Total recovery rehab time 2 months, back on my bike by month 3.  I have now forgotten about the injury except as a bragging right, so I know I have the strength to recover mentally and physically from injury, I just need to find that strength now.

I got outside with my sister today and she opened up our gazebo so I have a nice place to sit outside.  I relaxed in the sun and daydreamed about all the things I KNOW for certain I will be able to do this spring and summer.  I will go visit my dad in Sedona in about a month, I will return to teaching 5th grade, I will be able to play outdoors with my children and chase them.  I’ll go to our camp in northern Maine and swim across the cove and back like I usually do.  And I’m sure I’ll get on my mountain bike but for some reason that isn’t as important to me at the moment.

Hard morning, great afternoon!

Pity Party

My cast issues have resolved on their own pretty much.  I am in this cast at a neutral position for 12 more days and then I will get my boot at about 4.5 weeks post op.  I’m not sure what my weight bearing status will be when I get the boot.  This surgeon say something different each time.  He did say he wants to check how good I am with crutches when he puts the boot on me.  I’ve been using crutches all along so I’m not sure what he meant.

Anyway, I’ve had a hard couple of days.  I’ve been off work a month, can’t care for my kids how I want, etc.  I know this will come to an end but I’ve just been in this funk of feeling sorry for myself.  I can’t seem to snap out of it.  I’ve also started obsessing about rerupturing and am probably reading TOO many horror stories about it since I’ve had free time. I’m just venting and don’t make a very good injured patient.  Any tips to get out of the funK?

More cast issues

I am on my 2nd cast this week and it started bothering me last night just like the  previous cast I needed changed.  Each cast has felt good about 1.5 days.  I have a burning tingling down the outside of my foot.  When I put my foot down it feels better, it feels good about 1.5 days after a cast change, and when my foot is out of the cast (when they remove it) it feels good.  I was off pain meds but the cast issue has caused me to take them at night. Any thoughts on what this could be?

I plan to call my doc today and tell him all of the above.  Instead of a 3rd cast in a week I’m hoping to convince him to give me the boot so I can adjust the straps, etc.  His initial reasoning for not giving me the boot was compliance.  He worried I would take the boot off, have to go to the bathroom, trip, rerupture, etc.  I feel at this point he needs to trust that I won’t do that and make my foot comfortable.  Any tips on talking with him?

Many witnesses

I ruptured my right achilles tendon playing basketball…in a staff/student basketball game!  I shot a foul shot, missed and went in for the rebound.  I thought someone stepped on the back of my foot and I heard a zipping sound.  Didn’t feel a lot of pain but I remember saying, “the floor feels crooked” over and over.  The injury happened in front of 500 students and staff.  I kind of wish it was more dramatic or “cool” looking but alas…

I had surgery 9 days after the rupture.  I’m currently 17 post surgery, foot in neutral position in a cast.  Doing OK mentally.  The first few weeks were especially hard.  I have a 4 year old and an 18 month old.  Haven’t been able to care for them like I want, tuck them in bed, etc.  My husband and family have been so helpful.  But as you all know, it’s hard.  I get my boot in 2 weeks (4 weeks postop) and I can’t wait to soak it in the tub.