Pain in heel

March 3, 2009 | | 3 Comments

Does anyone ever have strange little pains/sensations in the repaired area?  I am a little worried because I am going on the 8 month mark and walk/run 4-5 times a week, play tennis a couple times a week and hit the gym 3 times a week.  I am experiencing occasional pains in my heel - below the scar - where the heel bone connects.  The pain is mild and does not happen during the workouts, but does when I put on other shoes, go upstairs or sometimes just sitting there.  I do stretch the tendon too and have regained a lot of strength in the calf area.  Is this normal as it does concern me a bit.  Thanks, Sandy

This past weekend in crappy weather.  What is going on here in the the South with the weather lately?  Achilles is doing fine, no pain while in action, but it is sore (you know, that bump on the heel that we all have now) after.  As long as I take off my shoe after to relieve the pressure it is fine and stretch a lot before and after any exercise.  Keep your chins up, 6 months really did fly by for me.  One other tip, when you go downstairs, try to go toe first as soon as possible, I am finding that by doing that one little thing, I have gained alot of strength in the tendon and calf.  Again, if any of you are on facebook, look me up - because I can’t seem to get photos to load here.  Have a great week, Sandy.

Hard to believe I am back on the court again and beginning to get the game back.  I noticed last night that my backhand really suffers because I still have little push off the left toe (thanks to the weak calf).  Other than that, it has been great.  No real running or working out because it has been so darn cold here in Atlanta.  I just got a FACEBOOK page and here is the link and I would love to be friends with anyone who has one or wants one.  Its great because I have gotten in touch with several old high school chums and sadly, found out a lot of people I went to school with are no longer with us.  I have also gotten in touch with some girls I coached when I was a cheer coach.  It is great to see how they turned out (One is going for her PHD!!!)  Anyway, check out my page and keep me posted on here with your progress and I do think us ATLers should have a happy hour one of these days.   - My FACEBOOK is Sandy James (Sandy Bacon Sexton) (Atlanta) and the email is





Back on the Court!!!

January 5, 2009 | | 4 Comments

Hey all,

Its hard to believe that almost 24 weeks have gone by since my surgery, but it has.  For all you new ATRs, keep your chin up because the time will really fly and make sure you take your time and listen to your injury.  

I played my first ALTA mixed match (A-6, line 3) yesterday in the not so greatest of conditions - a bit damp (partner slid on a baseline!!) and we lost 7-5, 7-6.  We were at 6-5 and my partner double faulted (4 of them) the game to make us go to a tie breaker.  I was crushed but I think I played well and did not overdo.  I let some balls go which is hard because I am a scrapper.  My heel hurt on one step only and my partner said it was because I was flat footed and to get on my toes, once I did that I felt more comfortable.  other than that, I am up to running 7 minutes at a time (11 mph pace) and trying to hit the gym as work allows.

I am very thankful that I listened to my Doc when he kept me in the boot for so long (compared to others on here) and for letting me know to go with what the foot indicates.   Up until New Years Day, I had only lasted 4 games in a row…then all of a sudden, it did not bother me.  So, 6 months gone but I am still slow and hurting in the morning, but I am looking forward to hitting that 8th month mark that I’ve heard so much about, you know, the one that you kind of forget about it all.   

I am also thinking about getting a tat over the scar once I am off the blood thinners (blood clot, PE from the surgery) which is hopefully in March.  I don’t want a zipper, but something girly with the date of the incident on it.  Let me know what would be a cool, classy tat (lol)!!

Keep on to the finish line people!   Sandy in Suwanee, GA!!





I had my first post ATR tennis lesson last night, it felt great being out there.  I did much better than I thought but was really scared to step forward so I know my footwork is where the work will need to be.  The bad leg works in slow motion. We also worked on my serve and now I have a cute little spin serve.  I learned  to play when I was a kid (state ranked at one point!) but when I see some of these ladies play who learned later in life, and they have really hard flat serves, I wanted that serve.  My pro said no way….he said I have a great classic serve and to work on the spin, so thats what we worked on. This injury may make me be more aggressive at the net too, I like to groundstroke, but it was alot harder, the volley drills were much easier.  I need to work on those angles!!  Was hoping to play a USTA match on Dec 13, but I think I will wait until Jan but it felt so good just to hit.

Ok, don’t shoot me but I have to ask….would it be really crappy of me to use my handicapped status to go to the front of the line tomorrow to vote.  They are predicting lines in GA (Gwinnett County) to be up to 8 hours long.  I am in 2 shoes, 15 weeks and walk with a small limp at times but I do work out and took a nice  3 mile walk yesterday.  However, I do have the DVT/PE situation and we all know how our foot swells if we are on it too long.  I called and they said to bring my pass to a worker (and I have a DR note, not just for voting) but is that really bad.  I don’t want my neighbors to boo me as I go past them in the line!!  Put it this way, I am now parking in regular parking places at the mall and such because I feel like a heel.  But…I’ve been through a lot this summer & fall (we all have) and really can’t miss a whole day of work to vote.  What do you think - yes, use it or no, its selfish and crappy.  Whats a girl to do?????????????

I just figured out how to update my profile, I discovered the instructions:)

How strange - I was complaining about my doc and his conservativeness of treatment - no wedges, no PWB so I figured I would be in the cast until week 12.  Well, when I went to the 9 week appt, he had me walk, stand on toes (I could a bit) - so he pointed at the cast and crutches and said - lose that and those!  Anyway, I went from 2 crutches and the air cast to 2 shoes on September 24th.  Its been very interesting for sure, the slow walk and I remember trying to take a step down - wow, that hurt and I realized there is a lot of healing to do. 

I did return to the gym around the 10th of Sept (as soon as the Cardio doc said it was ok) for just strength training and I have added bike time and may try the elliptical tonight.  My doc and PT said I will be back on the court mid-January and I look forward to playing ALTA line 5 - we are A-7 (Mixed).  I normally play 1 or 2, but I think a couple of line 5s will work great.  Anyway, thats about it, other than still worrying about re-rupturing - however I really stretch now.  I hope everyone has a great week on their journey to recovery!!!

BTW - for all newcomers who are worried - I did not gain and weight, but I did lose a lot of muscle tone and the leg SHRUNK, and I mean it is scary how fast that happens!!!!   



Today was a great day

September 23, 2008 | | 3 Comments

Went to the Ortho Doc - its been 9 weeks.  After being 1 1/2 hrs late, told me to take off the boot, stand with feet 1 foot apart, walk.  I did.  Then he said feet 1 foot apart and go up on both toes at the same time.  I did, but more weight was on the good leg.  He said that my progress was remarkable, that most people cannot do that at 9 weeks and it was time to lose the boot, crutches and all.  He also told me to continue the exercises he gave me and no PT was necessary.  That was when I said - Hold up (no PT? Wedges in the shoe???).  I think I need the PT to make sure someone is monitoring my progress, so I  got my way because he said it could to no harm and help with the scar, but my gait was almost perfect.   I don’t need wedges because I am  better than 90 degrees now.  My questions were - when can I drive my car - its an straight -  he said to wait another 3 weeks and practice in a parking lot first.  Good idea if anyone is familiar with the Atlanta commute; and tennis…he said 4 months, but he would prefer 6.  So I said I was hoping for late January - and that was what he meant by 6 months.  Not 6 additional months.  He also said to walk daily on flat areas only.  Its been a pretty good darn day!!!   Sandy in Ga!!!  

Rehab Differences???

September 1, 2008 | | 2 Comments

Hi Everyone,

I am not sure I understand how there are so many different treatment plans for everyone.  My Doc is conservative, and I should thank him or else I might not be here thanks to the DVT and PE and his insistance in my getting the ultrasound the day my 2 week cast came off, however I am at 6 weeks and have 3 more to go (NWB) in this aircast. That will put me 10 weeks NWB since the rupture!!  Then, I read on here that many people begin PWB and rehab at 4 weeks or so.  My doc does think that the weakest point is recovery is 4-6 weeks and several on here admittadly reruptured at 7 weeks - in two shoes, however, I would like to be going into Rehab this week.  It has nothing to do with the clots either!!  WHen I ask, the standard reply from my Ortho is “do you know how many muscles it takes to sign your name?”  He is even very cautious about me doing crunches or upper body work, so I have been afraid to do anything, then when I do a little of something, (out to dinner) I am wiped.  So, why is there such a difference in protocal in recovery?  THanks, Sandy  


Have questions??

August 18, 2008 | | 8 Comments


I suffered a full ATR on 7/17/08 during a USTA tennis match and of course, we were winning in the third set, match point.  I was serving from the add side and my opponent returned it wide and I pushed off to get the short return and it happened.  It did not hurt at all, which was strange and the hardest part was getting me up to the parking lot (courts were down several hills - pretty scene, but..)

Anway, I felt very little pain until after surgery - which was 4 weeks ago.  However, I have since developed a DVT and PE and was hospitalized last week for 3 days, scared to death.  I have found little information on this site from others who have suffered these blood clots.  I am home and they are trying to get my PT level to theraputic (2.5-3.5) and it is still only 1.4.  They say my body will dissolve the clots and the meds - Lovenox and Coumadin will prevent more clots, keep the existing clots from growing and from moving.  I am concerned because in the hospital I was on a heart monitor and had an IV in due to protocol.  Am I safe at home??

Has anyone else been through this?  If so, how long did it take for the clots to dissolve and when can I work out?  I was hoping to be doing upper body work by now.  Also, will the clots keep the PT from happening because I really want to get off the crutches.  I am at 4 weeks, in an aircast and my Orthopedic was hoping that I could begin PT after 6.  He also said that between 4-6 weeks, the repair is at its weakest, so to be very careful during this time.  Has anyone else been told this?  Lastly, I am (was) a very healthy person who played a high level of tennis, ran 4 miles at least 4 times a week and was a gym regular not to mention a gainfully employed accountant.  I want to get back to normal!!  Any advice would be appreciated.  Thanks, Sandy