Dec 03 2009

Five and half weeks post op

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So - a bit previous for my 6 week post op appt….. Consultant pronounced himself very pleased with handiwork and progress - but have to stay in aircast boot till the actual 6 weeks (7th Dec) - then 2 shoes (trainers) but “no galloping about” - as if??. But I have been told I can now walk around (well shuffle is what I’d call it) a bit at home without boot on.
I have another 5 physio FWB sessions to attend and will see consultant again in 6 weeks. Getting there but it really is one step at a time…. I still get the occasional twinge almost like an electrical current running through my heel - but not nearly so often now.
So I guess my message to all is - just hang in there it really is a time thing. Best to all - S

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  1. marykon 03 Dec 2009 at 8:05 pm

    One step at a time, indeed! That made me smile. Get better every day!

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