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Dec 10 2009

6 weeks and 3 days post op and 2 SHOES!!!

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I am now the proud owner of 2 shoes - one on each foot - yeay! It all felt a bit strange at first and my foot wasn’t quite sure how it should behave, but it seems to slowly be getting the hang of things again. I find if I sit - at my PC with foot elevated or not - my foot gets very stiff and I almost have to unstiffen each time before I can use it.

I am now seeing the physio for WB exercises and manipulation once a week for the next 6 weeks  - until I see the specialist again. I have been told no sports activities until at least 3 to 6 months - only swimming. But my physio has said that I can do crunches and weights as long as no real pressure on foot etc. So am doing some low-level cross-training, weights and some exercises the physio gave me using dyno bands to stretch out the tendon. and some 40:60 toe raises (40% on bad foot etc).

If I rest my foot on the scar area (like when asleep etc) it is really sore - but I figure that is because I also had a bone spur removed and as the specialist said it’s almost like a fracture.

So onwards and upwards - mostly better each day - although this is not straight line improvement - more of an up and down kind of graph!

A long time before I can trip the light fantastic - just as long as I don’t trip and can start running and working out again soon {:O)

Take care all


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Dec 03 2009

Five and half weeks post op

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So - a bit previous for my 6 week post op appt….. Consultant pronounced himself very pleased with handiwork and progress - but have to stay in aircast boot till the actual 6 weeks (7th Dec) - then 2 shoes (trainers) but “no galloping about” - as if??. But I have been told I can now walk around (well shuffle is what I’d call it) a bit at home without boot on.
I have another 5 physio FWB sessions to attend and will see consultant again in 6 weeks. Getting there but it really is one step at a time…. I still get the occasional twinge almost like an electrical current running through my heel - but not nearly so often now.
So I guess my message to all is - just hang in there it really is a time thing. Best to all - S

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