Nov 20 2009

2nd Physio appointment - ouch!!

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3 weeks and 3 days post op and second physio appointment. These appointments (5 in all) are all for scar massage therapy and general NWB exercises. The scar massage really makes your eyes water!! Physio reckons it will help alleviate thick scar tissue building up around tendon. Also exercises - out of my aircast boot - foot upwards and downwards and side to side and circular motions.

I am still sore today but will persevere with scar massage (gently!) and exercises “while in the bath”. I am walking without crutches and reasonably stable but have been told that while sitting or not walking to keep leg elevated. Have also been told that we will not begin weight bearing therapy until 6 weeks post op and out of the aircast. Have taken out all heel wedges now and sit with my foot on an ice pack for 2 mins 3-4 times a day as per instructions. ┬áScar is fading and looking good though.

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