Dec 10 2009

6 weeks and 3 days post op and 2 SHOES!!!

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I am now the proud owner of 2 shoes - one on each foot - yeay! It all felt a bit strange at first and my foot wasn’t quite sure how it should behave, but it seems to slowly be getting the hang of things again. I find if I sit - at my PC with foot elevated or not - my foot gets very stiff and I almost have to unstiffen each time before I can use it.

I am now seeing the physio for WB exercises and manipulation once a week for the next 6 weeks  - until I see the specialist again. I have been told no sports activities until at least 3 to 6 months - only swimming. But my physio has said that I can do crunches and weights as long as no real pressure on foot etc. So am doing some low-level cross-training, weights and some exercises the physio gave me using dyno bands to stretch out the tendon. and some 40:60 toe raises (40% on bad foot etc).

If I rest my foot on the scar area (like when asleep etc) it is really sore - but I figure that is because I also had a bone spur removed and as the specialist said it’s almost like a fracture.

So onwards and upwards - mostly better each day - although this is not straight line improvement - more of an up and down kind of graph!

A long time before I can trip the light fantastic - just as long as I don’t trip and can start running and working out again soon {:O)

Take care all


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Dec 03 2009

Five and half weeks post op

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So - a bit previous for my 6 week post op appt….. Consultant pronounced himself very pleased with handiwork and progress - but have to stay in aircast boot till the actual 6 weeks (7th Dec) - then 2 shoes (trainers) but “no galloping about” - as if??. But I have been told I can now walk around (well shuffle is what I’d call it) a bit at home without boot on.
I have another 5 physio FWB sessions to attend and will see consultant again in 6 weeks. Getting there but it really is one step at a time…. I still get the occasional twinge almost like an electrical current running through my heel - but not nearly so often now.
So I guess my message to all is - just hang in there it really is a time thing. Best to all - S

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Nov 20 2009

2nd Physio appointment - ouch!!

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3 weeks and 3 days post op and second physio appointment. These appointments (5 in all) are all for scar massage therapy and general NWB exercises. The scar massage really makes your eyes water!! Physio reckons it will help alleviate thick scar tissue building up around tendon. Also exercises - out of my aircast boot - foot upwards and downwards and side to side and circular motions.

I am still sore today but will persevere with scar massage (gently!) and exercises “while in the bath”. I am walking without crutches and reasonably stable but have been told that while sitting or not walking to keep leg elevated. Have also been told that we will not begin weight bearing therapy until 6 weeks post op and out of the aircast. Have taken out all heel wedges now and sit with my foot on an ice pack for 2 mins 3-4 times a day as per instructions. ¬†Scar is fading and looking good though.

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Nov 17 2009

3 weeks on and moving slowly!

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Had the op to remove a bone spur on my left heel - cunningly lurking under my achilles - on 26th Oct. Achilles had to be pinned back in following removal of bone spur. Partial plaster cast for 2 weeks - totally elevated and NWB. Plaster removed on 9 Nov - now in an Aircast - hooray mobility! FWB - albeit shuffly and slowly. And scar massage at the physio started 16 Nov. Still very sore around scar - but physio was gentle and showed me how to do some non-load bearing exercises (load bearing physio and exercises to start 4 weeks post surgery) and it does feel better this morning {:O)

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