Achilles too long?

Yesterday I walked up and down 10 flights of stairs 10 times, and today only my good calf is sore.  I had no pain and I took it slow to make sure that I wasn’t favoring one leg or the other.  The calf that I had my achilles repaired feels like I did absolutely nothing, no soreness at all.  Could this be that my achilles healed too long? I notice that I have more dorsiflexion with my bad achilles when my leg is straight but equal when my knee is bent.

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  1. Healing long is common enough with the injury to be noted in journals. Many people do not find it too much of a problem with their lifestyle and learn to live with it. No amount of training will fix it. The only way to find out for sure is to have your doctor examine you and if it is impacting on your life then you will need to have it surgically repaired.

  2. It has been 18 months since full rupture for me, no op and have been told after 1 year, yes it has healed in a lengthened position and an op is an option, i knew something wasnt right at 3-4 months.

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