Achilles too long?

Yesterday I walked up and down 10 flights of stairs 10 times, and today only my good calf is sore.  I had no pain and I took it slow to make sure that I wasn’t favoring one leg or the other.  The calf that I had my achilles repaired feels like I did absolutely nothing, no soreness at all.  Could this be that my achilles healed too long? I notice that I have more dorsiflexion with my bad achilles when my leg is straight but equal when my knee is bent.

2 Year Post Achilles Surgery, Weak Calf causing knee Pain Advice?

Hello everyone, I am writing this blog for my someone, who is feeling beyond defeated. He ruptured his achilles in December of 2012 during warmups at the gym. He had a great recovery, back at work after 6 months. And he is an electrician, so very active at work. After a year, he noticed his knee was bothering him. He couldn’t squat like he used to weight wise at the gym…he went back for therapy for his knee. We realized that was not helping…he went to a sports medicine doctor, who thinks his knee is compensating for his weak calf. After two years, he still can’t do an unassisted one leg calf raise on the achilles surgery leg, and does have quite a bit of scar tissue around his achilles scar (not sure if this matters). He can’t find answers, and I was praying someone on here had this experience and could guide us. So to sum it up, the achilles is healed, but now there are the calf/knee issues. I think it doesn’t help he is active all day at work, then tries to workout….but it’s the nature of the beast! Thanks all and so happy to find this site.

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